It’s been excitingly snowy of late!  A reasonably thick blanket has laid itself across the UK and, as per usual, the country has fallen apart and people are deserting their cars on motorways like it’s ‘The Day After Tomorrow’.

Check out the recent satellite view of the UK Whiteout!

Amazing eh?

Poor sonic wasn’t impressed.

Yesterday, Clare was sent home from work at lunch, so with our neighbour James P Lester (a fellow photographer & my Urbex Companion) we donned a dubious selection of hats and braved the snow in search of sledges.  Supermarkets had either sold out or lacked the foresight (Clare went to ASDA & asked a member of staff if they sold sledges & got “Don’t know, love” – a 2 out of 10 for customer service), so we got creative in poundstretcher.

Yorkshire Lester chooses £1.49 giant plastic serving tray

Clare, in full neon mumwear, rides a £3.99 tea tray

Aldrick & Team Sandinista are sponsored by

I took out the Canon IXUS 1000HS and am still lovin’ that selective tilt-shift vibe.

Yeti spotted in Leeds park, suspected of stealing a swaddled babe.

The summit

The smashes


Deep snow!

And with numb arses we headed back, armed with mince pies for a brew.This morning, before heading out for a second round on the snow, we found another practical use for our sleigh!