I run a monthly band night on the last Sunday of every month in Leeds called the Sunday Service.

Last Sunday was November’s Sunday Service & I realised I never posted my highlights from October.  Ooops.

It was a special night and here are a taste of my highlights.

This is Chloe Leavers, who came all the way from Wales to make beautiful sweet music akin to Emiliana Torrini.

Check out her wonderful music here.

Her guitarist really complimented her sound.

As did our Sunday Service regular Rob Hall, who joined her too.  Rob plays with Gavin Mart a lot too and is a gifted percussionist

A little cheeky detail of her funky ring

Next up was the amazing Dan Wilde, who came from Blackpool to lay down his picky folk.

The bands really traveled from afar to play, which is such an honour.

Check out Dan’s amazing music on his myspace or on his official site.

He’s really very good indeed, and does the most amazing cover of Richard Thompson’s ‘Beeswing’.

I actually shot this quick vid of him playing it at Left Bank in Leeds ages back. I decided to do this on the night, and hadn’t prepared at all!

Our final act were the Moonshine 5.

I grew up with this lot.  I went to school with 3 of them & Adam (singing) taught me guitar when all I wanted to do was cover Nirvana tunes!

They brough the kit & played some ace blues.

I went to school with this chap, Max, and photographed his wedding to his wife Dee.

The bizarre thing was that it was they one year anniversary the day after that Sunday Service!

I like this natural shot of the band between tracks.

In much photography, the interesting stuff is often in between where you expect it.

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