Occasionally, as a consequence of work I’ve done photographing for the Leeds Guide Magazine, I get asked out to update restaurants image portfolios

This week I got asked out to The Gray Ox Inn at Hartshead.  It’s the kind of place my mum, myself & her mum before her all love; a gastro pub (or in their words ‘Country Pub and Eating House’) in the middle of no-where that’s somehow always busy.

With a commanding position overlooking Brighouse, Huddersfield and the surrounding area, it dates back to 1709 and serves fantastic local produce.

Inside they’d stoked all the wood fires ready for my arrival. It smelt amazing.

(which is much nicer than most restaurant gigs, where you get booked in by a manager, only and turn up to find the tables up and an unhelpful potwash on)

Check the massive Ox heed!

They’d recently brought the interior up to date with loads of nice touches, and I tried to capture the spirit of the place.

Including representing their list of the local farmers, fishermen & growers they support

But my favourite part of any restaurant shoot it the food bit!

Making food look appetizing is so much harder than you might imagine.  Even with beautifully presented chefly grub like this.

But I do like not only the challenge, but the opportunity to eat it afterwards!

If anyone knows where I can get a ‘Will Photograph For Food’ T-shirt, do let me know!