One of my very early wedding clients got in touch out of the blue recently to ask me round to photograph their new twins!

As I’ve said before, I make no claims to be a baby photographer, but for a special few I like to get involved.

And these two kids are special indeed… they’re a product of in-vitro fertilization!

Check out the before picture above… and after below!

Crazy eh?

The magic of science.

I’m not sure if the little lad here is working a Dr. Evil finger or is playing an imaginary flute.  Either is good with me.

I don’t really do the usual staged baby stuff.  Ribbons tied in a big bow round a baby in a basket, and that sort of thing.

I just like to spend an hour or two hanging out & watching what happens.  Sometimes, you catch a genuinely natural moment like the one above.

Othertimes, during extended screaming sessions, we get a tea on.

I do love how babies are actual mini-me’s, and have amazing mini toes & fingernails.


Though I think the Tigger romper suit might have been the real star of the show.

It was great to catch Vicky & Brett again.

Vicky’s neighbour popped by with her (less) little boy, so we fired a few snaps off of him enjoying himself.

This was an idea that didn’t quite work, but I love his expression.

This one’s much better.  What a dude.

While the majority of the images so far were shot with an ST-E2 triggering a Speedlite flashgun, bounced off the roof, I had a few natural window-light snaps in mind, like the one above.

But in the same location, a few steps round (shooting from between the window and baby) the image looks far softer.

Flex those guns!

Likewise, changing the point of view to a straight overhead angle added an unusual vibe to the shot.

Either way, it was lovely to see Vicky & Brett again, and to meet the new additions to their clan!


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