Yesterday I joined Katie & Nick to photograph their Barn wedding at the amazing Priory Cottages, Syningthwaite (near Wetherby).

I love shooting at the Priory and it was great to be back on a a beautifully sunny spring day, with only the odd blustery chill to remind you it wasn’t the middle of summer!

While Katie, Nick & their clan enjoyed their wedding breakfast we backed up pictures and made a quick slideshow to show at the evening reception. Even though they’re only quickly ‘processed’ and aren’t up to the scratch of the final images, after the wedding I like to set the slideshow to their first dance track and turn it into a video to blog, so the couple and their pals can see the images literally a few days after the wedding.

Katie, Nick & the majority of the wedding party all got ready in the Priory’s beautiful cottages.

One of the lovely things about the way these two planned the big day was that they decided not to be bound by the usual traditions.  They totally did it their way, keeping it casual (e.g hanging out and crossing paths at various stages through the morning, or inviting loads of close family to join Katie for bubbles before the ceremony).

It’s refreshing when people don’t see these traditions as hard and fast rules.

The majority of their wedding kit was tailor-made for them in Bangkok where they live.

Katie’s beautiful bespoke gown was created from ideas she’d seen in other wedding dresses.

Her shoes were even hand made especially in Thailand!

The ladies morning preps were very casual, with Bridesmaids and mum & grandma over-seeing the fun.
Organising dress fittings etc from Bangkok would’ve been a headache, so Katie just told her girls to wear blue, and let them choose!I like this angle of the bridesmaids shoes, with their dresses hanging above.
I like this portrait of grandma, musing quietly out of the window

I have to say that all the parents at the wedding really were lovely to us, making us feel like one of the gang.Again, doing things their own way, Katie did her own hair & makeup, using a mirror Grandma had bought her for her 18th!

Meanwhile, Clare joined Nick & the boys, while they had a pint of Dutch courage at the local…

…before getting suited & booted for the party!

Nick’s bespoke suit, ready for action

A fab portrait by Clare, of Nick doing his favourite serious face!

Loving Nick’s choice of footwearAppropriate cuff linkage!The rings, on a funky Priory table top Team Groom!

Guests gathered outside the Priory’s recently restored Barn for a catch up and a few drinks before the ceremony.

The ceremony was done in a different area of the Priory to where I’ve seen it before, and looked fab.

I believe seating was: Bride’s family on the right, Groom’s on the left & pals around the top.As Katie & Nick essentially went travelling 4 years ago, and never officially came back, there was a fab theme of travel throughout their day, with loads of fun details dotted around.

Little suitcases, travel guides and luggage tags with holiday stamps & travel quotes were dotted around the place.

My fave ever quote was on one (bottom right, above):

“Man cannot discover new oceans until he has courage to lose sight of the shore”

I had a No Fear poster of that on my wall for years and think it’s a brilliant motto for adventure.

Wendy, at Paperwhiteflowers, did a brilliant job of positioning beautifully delicate, springy flowers all over the place

The bouquets looked and smelled stunning!Back with Team Bride, our maids were ready to help the bride into her dress

Which Katies did so casually in front of all her friends and family!I love this snap of her jumping up on the sofa to check herself out, papped from the left!Once Katie had decided between two options for necklaces that belonged to Grandma….. we were good to go!A quick detail of the girls holding their beautiful bouquets.

I love the different colourings of the bridesmaids dresses.A little relaxed moment of a family member giving Katie a wedding card.

CEREMONY IN PROGRESS!!It was so sunny, and shooting into the sun wasn’t the easiest, but I love this near silhouette of Clare’s from the back

[Spot the photographer…] The rings!The kiss!Confetti!I’m not sure who’s I preferred, mine (colour) or Clare’s (above!).

I love the confetti shot.The wedding party & guests had a good mingle in the afternoon sunshine…

… while enjoying some delicious canapés by Taste Cuisine.Then we did a quick shot of everyone in evening sun in the gardens…whistled through the family lineupsAnd had a bit of a laugh with the wedding party!

The girls working it!And the chaps looking modelly!

Then we dived into the portrait shoot

I generally like to meet upcoming wedding couples in the month or so before their wedding to practice photographing them at their venue.

As they were coming all the way from Thailand, I ended up joining Katie & Nick for their practice shoot last Thursday, (check out the blog post of causal images of them in their civvies here); but as always it really paid off having had put them through a round of portraits before their big day!
It was such a blessing having the sun outWe didn’t realise till we met, but it turns out Katie was in the year below me at high school!

Loads of her pals were familiar faces!I like this casual shot of Nick’s good mates

Upstairs in the Priory’s Barn, tables were full of fun travel details

There was a cool pinboard of the world for the table plan.
Before dinner, the two best men held a multiple-choice Katie & Nick trivia quiz!After the meal Katies mum gave a fine speechI like this little moment between themThe two best men had a fair ol’ crack at embarrassing NickQuite successfully I’d say.

As evening set in I nipped out for a cool shot of the venue at duskTheir amazing suitcase cake was a wedding gift from their professional cake-making (also high school pal) Laura Cook of Cook and Cake!

She’d even made edible passports, containing actual edible pages with edible travel stamps on them!  Attention to detail much!

And here are our lovely couple cutting it!Their first dance was to the excellent ‘Use Somebody’ by the Kings of Leon.Awww.

(Apart from the best man taking the mick int he background!)

The band, Flux, were absolutely amazing, rocking out amazing covers that got (and kept) people dancing all night.

I’m into music, and like to keep a list of decent bands for couples wanting great live music in the evening.  I fully endorse these guys.

Good times!

Thank you so much Katie & Nick for asking us along to your amazing wedding day and for making us feel so at home!

Enjoy the rest of your stay in England, then I hope you have a fab honeymoon back in Thailand.

x Barns & Clare x

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