Yesterday I joined Beckie & Joe for their wedding at Wortley Hall in Sheffield.

I don’t usually check forecasts until the day of the wedding, but yesterday we were predicted a day filled with that ominous ‘Sunny Intervals’ icon!

It turned out they lied to us!  We had summery sun literally all day long, and basking in it on the veranda with a glass of bubbles was simply a perfect way for Beckie, Joe & their guests to enjoy the wedding.

I hope you enjoy this story of a very special day!

I joined Beckie & the girls at Wortley Hall setting the celebrations rolling with a cheeky bucks fizz or two!

While the lovely Beckie had some curls put in…

…I took her dress for a walk and rather liked this spot of it hanging in one of the many Wortley stairwells!

[Wortley Hall is HUGE and suspiciously maze-like, so after about 8 corridor turns you either find yourself back at the start or completely lost!]

I also took the wonderful, colourful flora for a stroll and found this nice North-facing window to frame them up in.

Beckie’s prize and joy were her sparkly Manolo Blahnik kicks!

[An avid shoe ‘collector’, Beckie told me that apparently these pups cost almost as much as the dress]

Meanwhile, over at Mum & Dad’s house in Grenoside (a lovely area of North Sheffield, that is far nicer than it sounds), the Groom Joe was getting his threads on

I love this unusual crop Clare caught of a relaxed Joe.

A wedding is the first time most people have ever had to negotiate a cravat, but Joe nailed his first time!
In the speeches, we were told Joe was so bad at making decisions, he ended up with 3 best men!
Here’s Dave, responsible for the rings!

Once they were ready the chaps went for a few scoops near the church.

I love that Joe was the only one with a top hat.
Clare caught a few relaxed portraits of Joe outside the church.Which was all set for the service

Back with the girls at Wortley Hall, the exterior reminds me a lot of Oulton Hall in Leeds.

Beckie was being helped into her beautiful Essence of Australia gown by her bridesmaids…

…and Dad joined the fun and looked very proud indeed of his daughter, all grown up and ready to get married!

At the top of the stairs the girls decided to blow me a Marilyn Monroe kiss!

It was so nice being ready as early as the gang were, and rather than diving in the car in a final mad rush, we had about half an hour spare to shoot some lovely sunny shots of Dad and the girls!

I love the colour scheming with the dark blues and bright colourful flora.

There was some excellent footwear indeed on show!

As Beckie & Joe live in London, they’d booked Hackney Carriage cabs to run the gang to the church!

They’d even managed to secure a white one for Dad and Beckie.

I adore the length of Beckie’s dress!

[Super mobile for portrait shoots around the grounds!]

At the church the wedding party awaited …

Here comes the bride!

Their vicar was lovely, and delivered a special service indeed and kindly showed me the best spot to photograph from!

…you may kiss the bride!
A lovely moment just after the kiss.While the newlyweds and witnesses signed the register…

…a close friend played a piece on her Violin.Then down the aisle as man & wifeAww.

Love this one.The paparazzi!I literally stood on a chair in the middle of a high street to catch this shot of everyone.Then we did a quick bomb of confetti!A friend of the family supplied the wedding car……which wasn’t entirely built for a full-size human in the rear!Back at the sunny hall as guests arrived…

…we headed into the Wortley Hall’s 26 acres of formal garden and peaceful woodland for the portrait shoot.

It’s all about the relaxed portraits

(Still got confetti in the hair!)

We’d had a good practice around the Wortley Hall grounds at their pre-wedding shoot a few months back (check out the images here).

I like Beckie’s little kick here!
Love this one.The woods offered the perfect shade for a chilled out portrait and a detail of the ring!

I couldn’t believe the sun we got!On the pre-wed we’d found an interesting gnarly bush that we climbed inside.

Beckie was game to climb in again and we got a cracking set of images under the windy branchesI think Joe looks ace in this one.
We even had a minute to do some fun shots on the way back to the partyWe left the gang to mingle with their guests

And before dinner we did a few group fun shotsIncluding Beckie & the Birkby boys!A funky shot of the wedding partyLove this one of the girls.

And think the chaps look class in this one.

The only thing missing is a cane for Joe!

The wedding breakfast hall looked beautiful, and the table flowers looked even better in a bowl of citrus fruit!

After dinner we cut the cake their auntie made (including the edible models of their flowers!) so it could cut to go out with coffee.Speeches were brilliant, and compered beautifully by Joe’s sister Jules, who’d also designed all their beautiful wedding stationary & details

If you’re wanting brilliant stationary for your big day, be sure to check her company set in over the Wortley Hall…

ad the party started.

Guests got down to the amazing live band

It’s not a wedding without a conga, if you ask me.

Then after having already had a good boogie, our happy couple did their official first dance.

As we knew a few guests at the wedding, we dropped the cameras and stopped for a pint before hitting the road back to Leeds.

It was such a brilliant day all round; beautifully organised in wonderful weather.  Beckie, Joe & their guests all appeared to have a blast.

Thank you guys for letting us share your big day with you and we hope you have a cracking honeymoon in South America!


Barns & Clare

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