Yesterday I joined about 20 photographer buddies of mine from all around the country for a get together in Leeds.

We went out for lunch & geeked away the afternoon at the Adelphi then went for tea at Sam’s Chophouse, before somehow ending up shooting tequila with the boys till 2am.

I always come away buzzing with ideas (and this time with an sizeable hangover) from all the sharing.  It’s so good being in a relaxed network with loads of inspiring photographers that are always happy to advise and support, and often jump in on each others weddings as 2nd shooters when required.  They keep me sharp, and keep me up to date.

I’ve always been an avid blogger, and like to share everything I see and do on here.  Two Leeds-based togs that joined us yesterday, John Hope and Tom Arber, have always been a great resource for finding genius photography blogs to follow.  John mentioned a few new additions he’s currently enjoying, and they’re a great place to get new photographic inspiration.  This morning I decided all I could accomplish was going through my Safari bookmarks and add/cull the list.  I thought if you’re into checking out amazing photography blogs – your very being here is surely testament to that! 😉 – then perhaps you might like to check out some of these kids:

The last one is a bit special too.

Enjoy x

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