It’s been getting busy here at BAWP HQ!  Wedding season is very much upon us and things are hotting up.

But when things we’re a little less hot, a month or two back, I joined Jeanette & Stephen for their pre-wedding photoshoot round the Castlefield area of central Manchester, just down the road from their wedding venue, the Great John Street Hotel.  

We had an ace time getting into the swing of snapping, and in spite of the spitting weather (seen in the air above) we got some sweet snaps.

For risk of sounding super American, they were a super cool, super attractive couple who were super comfortable in each others company, so I could tell it was, like, gonna be a super easy wedding shoot.

Plus, Castlefield is an amazing place to shoot, full of interesting industrial iron & brick backgrounds under the old bridges of central Manchester

I love the rusty textures everywhere.

I’d seen these funky brick arches used by Damien Lovegrove in one of his flash training videos, so thought it rude not to use em.

This image was the one Jeanette & Stephen used in a mount to put out for guests to sign on the day.

I love this final pre-wed shot of them, on a tasty old barge, givin it love.

In the wedding season build-up one thing I forgot to do was blog their pre-wed!  Oops.  Yesterday was their big day, so I’ve decided to tie in my faves pre-weds (above) with their wedding on the day slideshow (below).

So with Clare 2nd sniping & Rob Booker on movie detail, the multimedia troops rocked up at the Great John St Hotel in Manchester (an absolutely fantastic boutique hotel in a converted old school, done inside the way I’d love to have my house!), and we set about catching the story of Jeanette & Stephen’s big day.

After their roof terrace ceremony, while guests tucked into a stunning wedding breakfast (all 3 courses we were also kindly with supplied with too!) we backed up their images to my laptop and made a quick slideshow to show at the evening reception. Generally these slideshows are around 80>100 images long and just run on the laptop on a table somewhere.  They’re a great way for not only the bride & groom to get a taster of things to come, and also for guests to see what happened during the morning and ceremony.

It was loads of fun joining Jeanette & Stephen & their gang yesterday to celebrate their marriage in such a relaxed way.

There’ll be more fully ‘processed’ images up here soon!  In the meantime, I hope they enjoy their honeymoon break in Turkey!