A weeks or so back I headed across the pennines to Farington Lodge in Preston, a venue I’ve not photographed at before, for a pre-wedding practice shoot & venue snoop!

I was there to catch up with Laura & James ahead of their wedding in July.

After a coffee and a catch up, we had a little nosey around the grounds to familiarise myself with any ace spots we can use on their big day

Then, as always, I got them in front of the camera to show them how it feels to be photographed!

Not short on ace spots to photograph around the three acres of mature lawns and gardens!

The experience is mainly to show Laura & James what I’m looking for on the portrait front, so it’s quicker and more relaxed on the wedding day, and ultimately, they can then get back to mingling with their pals quicker!

On the way up the imposing driveway, I spotted a few interesting areas that seemed worth an explore…

A fence…

…an old lamp-post…

…but most fun, a little sneaky snicket full of bluebells!


Can’t wait to join these guys next month. Stay tuned for their highlights blog, the day after their wedding!

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