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Back in October last year Clare & I took a short city break to Venice.  I packed only 3 lenses (3 lenses – the 50mm f1.2, the 16-35mm f2.8 & the 24-105mm f4IS) and came back with a bazillion images of a stunning place.  It really did live up to the hype.  After filed them down and processing some into some colour & some into black & white, I blogged a slideshow of the grainy, clipped black + whites (check out the blog here).

One thing led to another and I didn’t find time to blog the colour pics, which was a shame as Venice is surprisingly colourful, so here are ‘The colours of Venice’!

Venice in colour 002.jpg

As opposed to the ‘arty’ B+W collection, these colour pics were more the ‘holiday snaps’ side of the trip, hence this monster selfie.

Venice in colour 003.jpg

The view from our hotel wasn’t too bad!

Venice in colour 004.jpg

The lovely thing about Venice is that it’s genuinely so easy to wander around.  Getting lost is actively encouraged to truly discover the place…

Venice in colour 005.jpg

…you just keep crossing the canals and if you get to the edge of the island, turn round and wander on in another direction!

Venice in colour 006.jpg

(Though a map did come in helpful sometimes!)Venice in colour 007.jpg

I’ve always wanted to take a pic like this – a long exposure of the Venitian gondola’s bobbling around on sea.

I’d packed my variable ND filter so I could get a super long exposure even in bright conditions, and as I couldn’t be bothered lugging a tripod about, locked the camera in against some railings to keep it steady.

Venice in colour 008.jpg Venice in colour 009.jpg

Couldn’t be anywhere else really could it?

Venice in colour 010.jpg

The infamous ‘Harry’s Bar’

Venice in colour 011.jpg Venice in colour 012.jpg Venice in colour 013.jpg

Love the textures and pastel colours on this one, with the cheeky gondola just disappearing under a bridge to add context.

Venice in colour 014.jpg

Clare used to work at Hard Rock cafe and has a bit of residual Hard Rock geek in her that we generally satisfy on city breaks with margaritas and jumbo combo’s

Venice in colour 015.jpg Venice in colour 016.jpg

The wedding photographer in me couldn’t help but wonder about the possibilities of shooting a wedding around these amazing streets.

Venice in colour 017.jpg

Pretty much every street wherever you are in Venice has a sign that points towards Piazza San Marco, the hub (& major tourist trap) of the city.

Venice in colour 018.jpg Venice in colour 019.jpg

A look I’m considering adopting.

Venice in colour 020.jpg

After going up the basilica, we headed into the Doges Palace, where the powerful rulers of Venice used to hang out and show off about how rich they were.

Venice in colour 021.jpg

As in much of ancient Italy, it was all about the fancy ceilings & murals.

Venice in colour 022.jpg Venice in colour 023.jpg

Piazza San Barnaba!

Venice in colour 024.jpg

One sunny evening, we settled down with the locals in Campo Santa Margherita for a few of the famous Venitian  ‘Aperol spritz’ cocktails

Any drink that looks like Iron Brew is good with me.

Venice in colour 025.jpg Venice in colour 026.jpg

A little while later a bottle of prosecco had also bit the dust…Venice in colour 027.jpg Venice in colour 028.jpg

After a slightly dusky start to the trip, we were treated to beautiful blue skies & sunshine!  Not bad for October.

Venice in colour 029.jpg

Clare’s not a big fan of going up towers!

Venice in colour 030.jpg Venice in colour 031.jpg

We base pretty much all our holidays around foodie destinations!

Venice in colour 032.jpg Venice in colour 033.jpg Venice in colour 034.jpg

After a few days exploring the main city of Venice itself, it’s worth hopping on a few ferries to the colourful neighbouring islands of Burano & Murano

Venice in colour 035.jpg

It’s a nice relaxing ferry away

Venice in colour 036.jpg Venice in colour 037.jpg

Murano is still world renowned for it’s glass blowing skills

Venice in colour 038.jpg

Burano is just a beautifully colourful fishing village of an island

Venice in colour 039.jpg Venice in colour 040.jpg Venice in colour 041.jpg Venice in colour 042.jpg

Another nice place to settle down with an espresso and people watch!

Venice in colour 043.jpg Venice in colour 044.jpg Venice in colour 045.jpg

That evening we decided we couldn’t come to Venice and not take a punt around the canals on a gondala, in spite of you needing to take out a mortgage to do so.

Venice in colour 046.jpg

It’s certainly a splendidly grand way to take in this amazing city.

Venice in colour 047.jpg

If you’re put off by the fact that Venice is a) majorly touristy  b) silly expensive and c) smelly, think again.  It’s a) so easy to escape the uncreative crowds getting ripped off on St Marks Square, b) apart from the hotel costs, it was surprisingly cheap to eat & get around (again, away from the epicentres) and c) didn’t smell at all in October (though I hear the stagnant water bakes up nice in the heat of the summer).

Get yourselves involved!

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