I’ve become close pals with some past wedding clients, and it’s brilliant when they ask you over to photograph special events in their lives.

I’d photographed Rachel & Iain’s wedding back in April 2010 at Woodlands Hotel in Leeds (wedding highlights blog here!), and it was ace news to hear they’d just had a baby

I’d actually been round 2 years previous to photograph the arrival of this little chap, Eddie (check out Eddie’s newborn images in the blog post here), who’s certainly grown up since we last met!

We’d done a similar relaxed shoot of Eddie when he arrived, showing off his tiny little fingers and toes!

Dad and he seem to have a similarly cheeky attitude to life!

Rachel’s lovely too, and we all keep in touch by the magic of Facebook!

I like this one of little flying Eddie, launching out of the frame with a great big smile!

I much prefer these shoots to be about a the family having fun than doing lots of forced groupshots.

I like to try and capture a story and memories of the little details of childhood, that fly past so fast they can become such a blur.

But one day, looking back they’ll all remember this favourite little toy being enjoyed by their little boy.

We also did a few family shots in the window light of mum & dad and little baby Amber

And this is probably my favourite shot of the day!

It’s a bit of a baby photography cliché, but it’s just so lovely to see such a trusting, helpless little bundle of joy, alseep in daddy’s arms.

Thanks Rach & Iain for asking me back into your lives to document the further development of your wonderful family!

Party on,


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