Myself and Snr Barber were recently asked to pop on our Sound Gallery hats and shoot some promotional images for the Leeds-based George Grant Jazz Duo. They had a gig coming up at the Loft Events Space, so we joined them for an hour beforehand to shoot a few snaps. Below are a couple of highlights…

George Grant Duo 001

We settled them in by letting em do what they do, serenading us with a bit of jazz while we shot NYC style outdoor pics in the fast fading daylight.

George Grant Duo 002

The as the light left, and even Barber’s f1.2’s wouldn’t cut the mustard, we got the Quadra mobile flash heads & softbox out & did a few smart outfit shots.

George Grant Duo 003

There’s a post on the Sound Gallery blog featuring more images from the shoot, so click here if you’d like to see more.

Also if you’re a band wanting promo images, give us a shout through the TSGblog to hear what we offer.

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