Heaton-House-Farm-Pre-Farm-Wedding-Photography-001.jpgA few weeks back I joined Kate & Liam for their pre-wedding photogrpahy at Heaton House Farm, set on the borders of Cheshire and Staffordshire.


I’ve not photographed there before and it’s a fab bespoke wedding location in a working farm!


After a good catch up and nosey around where the wedding’s going to be, we took a stroll round the grounds


Located on the edge of the peaks, this view apparently takes in three counties!


But the real point of these pre-wedding meetings is to make upcoming couples squirm in front of my camera!

I’m a masochist that way



It kind of actually is though really. I like to show couples that it’s going to be a bit weird being professionally photographed, but it’s more about it being a bit of fun


These guys were full of laughs and clearly very happy together


The working farm also had some fun industrial backgrounds to play in front of.


The wind was playing blustery games, but I really like this one.

Stay tuned for the wedding highlights of these two, going up on Sunday!

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