Hey Folks! Apologies for the early January radio silence!  I’m still recoiling from the deluge that was double Xmas feasting (with my family in Leeds & Clare’s in Dorset), New Year’s partying & my 31st birthday bowlorama all in the space of a few weeks.

But to counter the lethargy, I’ve a beautiful new coffee maker (& companion mug!) to keep me buzzin’…

As January is a wedding free month for me, I decided to round up my Urban Exploration homies & get out for a nosey.

I put my requests into my UrbEx Sensei James Lester that I wanted somewhere pipey & industrial…

He dug out this former Dyeworks in the Horseforth, in North Leeds!

Not bad eh?

As per usual, it was locked up pretty tight.

Razor wire is Barb’s nasty sister.

Nobody calls her babe either

Looked like it was a while since it was open…

…or since this chimney saw any action.

It was hard resisting the temptation to climb

No-one working today.

We have a policy never to break and enter into these buildings, so we scout round and if there’s already an opening, it’d be rude not to look

Cos inside these building’s it’s always fascinating to see what happens when time and nature are left to do their thing…

Those soap dispensers on the wall were still full of soap.

Not to most private of loos

A quick portrait of Captain Lester, rocking his Yorkshire flatcap…

…and here’s our fellow explorer Aiden, a Leeds photography student also into exploring.

I quite liked the reflection of this empty space

And this little grate left I spotted on the floor.

Pipey, tick!  Red door – bonus.

It’s the permanent death I’m most concerned about…

…oh, and the asbestos.

I liked this stairwell.  Especially the ambiguous endorsement of myspace.com

We find ourselves photographing ourselves a lot

It’s interesting seeing what gets left exactly where it was left when a place finally closes its doors.

This chemical works left loads of these jugs

I like finding plugs that have had their cables cut.

They’re a great metaphor.

[When I posted this one on facebook, one of my more OCD pals couldn’t fight the urge to switch that off]

There was one room with loads of massive holes in the floor, no doubt once containing vats or containers

No ladies today

This was one of my faves of the day.  I like how light fittings gradually give up holding onto the roof.

A bit of a Dr Who moment.

I liked the placement of the skylights above the mysterious hut

Again, strip lights loose hope

I asked James & Aid to point their torches at the walls & it gave a cool side lighting

Time had finally snapped this bog in two

Another vast space, crying out for a bit of 16mm capture

Outside at the back was some kind of water treatment works, but which also looks impressively Chernobyl-like.

I do find it really interesting exploring these places left to the ravages of time.  If you’d like to see more, simply filter the blog by the category ‘Urbex’

Cheers for looking!


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