I was just digging out some pics from the working folder of my computer and stumbled upon two photos I created while doing some urbex a while back.

They were an experimentation in creating light trails with torches during long exposures.

Basically, I set up the camera on a tripod in an already quite dark room, dialed in a 30-second exposure I believe at around f8 at 100ISO and danced around like a tool with a torch.

Where the light flares on the trails is where the torch pointed directly at the camera.  The trails on the floor are where the torch shone on the floor.

Pretty sweet eh?

At the opposite end of the same room I had the idea to one of those oscilloscope heartbeat trails.  Again, I set a long exposure, so I wouldn’t record in the image, set the camera on self-timer on a tripod & walked along and drew the line.

It was nice to stumble upon these images again, so I thought I’d share.

Get playing!

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