Hanging out with other photographers is great.

We get to share & keep each other sharp (in both creativity and news) and can geek out in ways we’re not allowed to in ‘polite’ society

I’m close pals with ‘togs all around the country and consider where I am in business to be a direct product of being open & sharing and knowing open sharing types.

Plus, hanging out with other photographers has it’s perks of getting pictures of yourself looking acer than you really do in real life…

Like so, from the the talented James P Lester, with whom Aiden Dunbar & I joined for an UrbEx jaunt, on a well earned morning off from the busy wedding season

Urban Exploration is essentially noseying round and photographing derelict buildings, left to the ravages of time.  James likes to shoot portraits against the background of urban decay.  Personally, I like to focus on the story of what was and what’s become, taking in the wides and the details that build a picture of what a place has become.  But either way, it’s exciting stuff off the charts of every day sights.  You can see some of other urbex posts here.

Anyhoos – I’m going to be posting a blog of my images tomorrow, but I just saw James had posted ace images of Aiden & I on his blog.  Check them out here

As James’d papped me, it only seems fair for me to pap ’em back, on the way to one of our urbex spots…

Here be J to the L, throwing up a West Leeds grip (we live over the road from one another in Bramley)

We’re well gangsta

Dunbar still skulks in the student ghetto that is Hyde Park, in East-Leeds.

Consider them a teaser for tomorrow’s post…


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