Last weekend I hooked up with Jo & Martin for their pre-wedding shoot ahead of their wedding in JulyWe met on a sunny Sunday afternoon at the lovely Oakwell Hall in Gomersal, South of Leeds.

They’re actually hosting their wedding reception at Gomersal Park Hotel, 5 minutes from Oakwell Hall, but have arranged with Oakwell Hall to drop in on their wedding day for a few portraits between the ceremony & reception.  

So after a cuppa and a run-through of the days logistics, we took a stroll around the massive grounds of Oakwell Hall to get used to being shot!

It’s a lovely place to shoot

We kicked off in the (slightly more secluded) courtyard round the back of the old hall.

I like to show couples before their wedding day how it feels to be in front of the camera, to calm any nerves they may have before the big day

Here’s Jo showing Martin how to smile!Da dah!

Natural.Action shot!

We might try and do a similar version of this shot on their wedding day, for comparison!

It’s all about letting the couples relax into it a bit

and basically cuddle in various different places, till it stops feeling weird!

Jo & Martin were great in front of the camera and it didn’t take long for them to settle into it.

Love this one.

This is a nice one too.

Heading out of the courtyard…

It was time for a smooch!

And another! Under a tree, heading out into the massive grounds around Oakwell.

I love this one in the woods!

Perhaps not one for the wedding day, climbing in the trees, but I love how trees give a sense of depth.

I spotted a field full of giant daises (I suspect that name’s wrong, so don’t ask me their latin), and I suggested going in, and before I could say another word, Jo was piling in, high heels not a bother!

I like their style!

Martin even got into it too, spotting this cool hedgy seat to take a seat in.

It was great to catch up with these two…

…and good to see they’re naturals in front of the camera…

…and that they’re game for a laugh too!

Bring on their big day in July!

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