Well it’s shooting season again! Weddings are rolling up & through thick and fast now. I don’t think I’ve a free weekend till mid August.  B man’s starting to envy these kids throwing mad weddings & bouncing off to Mauritius to chill in stilted huts!  But summer’s filled with cool clients and cool places to shoot and it’s great being busy.

This past week I shot a fun, if wet, wedding at Hey Green in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE (satnav went mental and took me on a tour of various interesting farms) and I met 3 clients for their pre-wed shoots.  As usual, some couples found it easier / stranger than others, but it was cool to meet them all again.  It’s been a while since I saw em all last and it was exciting chewing the cud about their respective wedding details.

Jemma and Chris [© Barnaby Aldrick 2009]

Jemma & Chris are marrying in a 14th Century Georgian Barn called the Hospitium, overlooking the gardens of the York Museum, containing the old York Abbey and loads of cool ruins.  Their wedding’s shaping up to be fun & laid back, with an actual kids corner, full of toys & a grown-up kids corner, full of fancy dress!  A fine call indeed.  [Gallery of more images below]

Sarah & Adam [© Barnaby Aldrick 2009]

Sarah & Adam are marrying at a big old church in Brighouse and have a 15 year old prodigy pianist playing at their service.  I heard her practicing in the church and she rules. Afterwards they’re celebrating at one of the prettier Holiday Inns, overlooking Clifton & Yorkshires rolling hills (& the M62!).  Adam admitted he’d had a tad much sauce the night before, but battled through admirably. Over the road from the hotel we found an ace field of long grass by an old gate, which’ll make a great background to play in on their big day. [Gallery of more images below]

Louise and Mark [© Barnaby Aldrick 2009]

Louise & Mark are ace, and we pre-wedded at the lovely Woodlands where they’ll be wedding themselves at the end of May, before bouncing off to Thailand for some tropical sun.  They’re another couple not overly fussed with following traditional wedding conventions, and the hens have a something special lined up after the 1st dance…

Below’s a wee gallery of faves from all three pre-wed shoots.  Enjoy!

[svgallery name=”JunePreWeds”]

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