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Last weekend I joined Kim & Tim for their pre-wedding catchup ahead of their wedding at The Merchant Adventurer’s Hall in York in a few weeks.

I like to catch up with all my couples before their big day to catch up on the big day plans over a brew, before heading out for a practice photoshoot.  If it’s a venue I’ve not photographed at before, I often meet them there, but when I’ve photographed at a venue, like I have at The Merchant Adventurer’s Hall, I let couples have a say in where we do the pre-wed.  We decided to catch up in central Leeds for a bit of an urban shoot.

Kim & Tim's Prewed 002.jpg

I also often say to couples that they can be as creative as they like with what they wear and what props they bring.

It’s was cool to see Kim & Tim brought along a bag of letters!

Kim & Tim's Prewed 003.jpgKim & Tim's Prewed 004.jpg

I’m always on the look out for nice colours & textures to use as backgrounds, even if they are often fire exits!

Kim & Tim's Prewed 006.jpg Kim & Tim's Prewed 007.jpg

It didn’t take these guys long to loosen up

Kim & Tim's Prewed 008.jpgKim & Tim's Prewed 009.jpg

We went into the portico of the Leeds Town Hall, which is always a nice spot for pics.

Kim & Tim's Prewed 010.jpgKim & Tim's Prewed 011.jpg


Kim & Tim's Prewed 012.jpg

Good air!

Kim & Tim's Prewed 013.jpgKim & Tim's Prewed 014.jpg

I like this sequence

Kim & Tim's Prewed 015.jpg

Afterwards we headed down to Park Square…

Kim & Tim's Prewed 016.jpgKim & Tim's Prewed 017.jpg

Anyone else think this man bears more than a passing resemblance to Matt Damon?!

Kim & Tim's Prewed 018.jpgKim & Tim's Prewed 019.jpgKim & Tim's Prewed 020.jpgKim & Tim's Prewed 021.jpgKim & Tim's Prewed 022.jpg

Loving the colours of the doors!

Kim & Tim's Prewed 023.jpg

It was brilliant to catch up with these guys and hear about their big day plans!

Stay tuned for pics of their wedding later this month…

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