A few weeks back on a sunny afternoon I headed up t’dales to Skipton…

…to meet Leah & Richard for their pre-wedding shoot at Skipton Castle, ahead of their wedding there in July!

I arrived a bit early so had a nosey round the beautiful market-town, famous for being the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales.

It seemed everyone who had a motorbike of one description or another headed up for to do laps!

I’ve a drawer full of pencils somewhere from all the school trips we took up to Skipton Castle as a kid, so it was fun to go back and nose about this medieval warren.

It dates back all the way back to 1090, built by a Norman baron.

After a cuppa in the Tea Rooms catching up with Leah and Richard about the big day logistics, we headed into the castle for an explore.

This is the room in which the ceremony will be held!  Impressively bright for a castle!

[I’ve always wanted a giant set of antlers for my house too!]

Then we got cracking on the practice portraits shoot!

It’s like stretching for the big day!  It’s really good to show a couple how it feels to be photographed – how it can be a bit of relaxed fun and how I can make them look great – but the bonus consequence of being practiced is that it’s even quicker to do portraits on the big day! Win win.

Nice little archway in the The Conduit Court, where the afternoon reception drinks’ll be had.

I like this one.  A bit more serious than my usual stash, but I like their expressions.

I can see it’s gonna be easy with these guys on the big day!

Stay tuned on the blog for wedding highlights the day after their wedding in early July.

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