This month I had the good fortune to photograph The Dagger Dames ‘burlesque troop’ at the excellent Shakey Jakes Milkshake Bar in Headingley!  When I saw that on the brief an eyebrow involuntarily curled.  These things are not always what they seem.  Such as the time I had ‘pole dancer with her pole’ on the brief and it turned out to be a stocky 4ft5 shot-putter of a lady with ill fitting rubber trousers.  You really never can tell…

© Barnaby Aldrick 2009 [Not to be reproduced without permission]

But these girls were great, and for this shoot just working a 50s Americana chic.  They were great fun.

In case you’ve never been, Shakey Jakes in Leeds is AMAZING.  It’s essentially a sweetshop where they turn your fave sweets into gorgeous milkshakes (made with Yorkshire Ice Cream!).  I had me a Dime bar milkshake and it rocked my world.  I even popped back a week or so later for a refresher milkshake.  Get involved.

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