Another commission I was asked to photograph last December was the Advent Christmas Exhibition at Left Bank Leeds, an arts and events venue in the former St Margaret of Antioch church in the heart of Leeds’ student ghetto, Hyde Park..

I’ve been involved with LeftBank in various forms on and off for years.  Once it was a derelict former church building, and I’ve photographed a few weddings in this vast space (one of a couple who were involved in it’s clearing out and redevelopment into the arts space it is today).

All kinds of cool things happen in there now; from gigs to galleries to weddings and more. 

 The annual ‘Advent’ exhibition, showcases local artists takes on the stories of advent

I’m asked along and given a free reign to document the goings on (even allowed up to spider-web ridden winding staircases to the top floor!)

These are a few of my fave pics from the event…
I believe this oil painting is based on a super pixelated image of the mother Mary holding the baby Jesus.

Can you see it?

I liked these neon lights saying the word ‘amen’ inside a reflective case

One of the patrons of LeftBank is Leeds’ very own Corinne Bailey Rae, who’s done a few gigs in this very spot (check it out here). 

A pal of mine Dave Pilla was one of the musician’s who played that night.

If you’ve never heard his tunes, get your ears over to like this one.  It’s a pal’s little girl called Isla, who if you look up close, is actually licking the Amen box!

Here’s another of the curators of LeftBank, Simon Hall, helping photograph guests in front of their photobooth…

so they could be projected onto the roof of LeftBank as a choir or angels!

It was great as ever to be asked along to photograph this festive event, and always nice to see this grand, hidden space being used so creatively.

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