This weekend I’ll be photographing this beautiful at The Priory Cottages near Wetherby!


I like to meet couples before the wedding itself to show them how it feels to be papped!

Being photographed is generally quite a weird experience, so after having a laugh over a coffee and catching up on the big day logistics, I like to do a round of photos to iron out any weirdness there may be, and coach my couples a bit on how I like them to behave (which is pretty much cuddle there and LAUGH AT MY JOKES, but that;s between you and me).


If I’ve never photographed at a couple’s venue before, I generally suggest we meet there, so I’m familiar with the location come the wedding day.

But as I’ve photographed at Priory Cottages many times, I asked these guys for suggestions, and as they met and now live in Knaresborough, we chose to do it there!


So no better place to begin the squirming as in the main town square!


There are some proper nosey guys knocking around, though.


Knaresborough’s a lovely spot, and round by the castle is a lovely area for a cuddle…


And just round the corner is this amazing view of the river running under Knaresborough’s famous railway viaduct


It’s not gonna be hard making these guys look good on their wedding




It was really lovely to spend some time hanging out with Lindsay & James…


Here’s looking forward to the big day on Friday!

[ Stay tuned here for their wedding highlights on Sunday! ]

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