Pre-wedding-photography -001

This weekend I’ll be joining this lovely couple, Lucy & Jonathan for their wedding at The Pheasant in Harome.

But instead of meeting up there for the pre-wedding catch up, we decided to take a turn around the spring flora of Lucy’s childhood village of Little Smeaton!

Pre-wedding-photography -002Pre-wedding-photography -004

I think it’s a really romantic idea.  And these two are certainly a romantic pair, who look great together!

Pre-wedding-photography -005

Jonathan clearly knows that can only be helped by WEARING TWEED!

I approve heartily!

Pre-wedding-photography -003Pre-wedding-photography -006Pre-wedding-photography -007Pre-wedding-photography -008Pre-wedding-photography -009

I can’t wait to see these guys on their wedding day this weekend up in North Yorkshire.  The location is stunning, and I bet they’re gonna look fab.

Pre-wedding-photography -010Pre-wedding-photography -011Pre-wedding-photography -012Pre-wedding-photography -013Pre-wedding-photography -014

It made sense to finish the shoot at the start of the village, in front of the spring daffs.  How very lovely.

Pre-wedding-photography -015

Stay tuned for their wedding photography highlights early next week!