A few weeks back a few buddies and I decided to go to Munich to celebrate one of our groups 30th Birthday.

We had a reet ol’ laugh and generally drank too many litre steins of dunkel & helles beer and ate slightly too much smokey meat and potato based produce!

Armed as I usually am with a camera of some kind (in this case the Canon IXUS 1000HS), I happily snapped away as we wandered/cycled around the city.

Readers of my blog will know I love the miniature look created by Tilt-Shift lenses (type ’tilt shift’ into the search bar above and you’ll see the posts!).  One of the features I love about the IXUS 1000HS is the versatile ‘miniature mode’ that lets you replicate the tilt-shift band-of-focus effect.  It generally also creates a particularly miniature look when shot from a height.

So – here are a few of my faves shot from one of the Munchen church towers…

Cool eh?

I’ll be doing another post soon featuring highlights from the chilled-out, beautiful city of Munich.  Watch this cyber space…


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