Last Monday I headed down Denby Dale to visit Bagden Hall.

I was there to meet these cool kids, Claire & Steve, whose wedding I’ll have the pleasure of shooting in June!

Though as it happens I papped them already, at the wedding of Jo & Stephen last weekend, as they’re all pals!

After chatting through their big day battle plan, we were headed out into the beautiful evening sunlight for their practice photoshoot…

…and these two were total naturals!

Though after a little smooch, Steve was a little surprised to find he ended up with a mouthful of lip gloss!

I find these shoots really useful to get couples used to being in front of my lens! 

I understand that it can feel a bit weird having a borderline stranger photographing you cuddling and smooching!

But to these two, I wasn’t really a stranger!

They confessed to being ‘stalkers’ of this blog (as did their buddies Jo & Stephen), and have closely following my doings over the past year!  It’s so great meeting couples who’ve kept track of my work & life in the run up to their wedding.  Not only do they know what to expect, but end up coming to the pre-wed and wedding shoot with so much enthusiasm.  We always get better images as a consequence.

This was one of my faves from the day.  The back light was absolutely perfect, and the new Canon 5DmkIII handled it beautifully.  We had a good explore around the grounds, and since I was there last they’ve revamped the tiny Folly in the lake, surrounded by a wee moat.  It’s since been sanctioned for marriage and in the small room the wedding couple and registrars can conduct a marriage and broadcast it to guests outside and over the bridge via speakers!

Random eh?

But it looked to me like a fun spot for a smooch!Clare loves her sparkly shoes!

Also on the little island was this cheeky seat.

By this time I could see they’d visibly relaxed into the shoot…

…and we caught this ace natural portrait of Claire & Steve staring down the middle distance and no doubt laughing at one of my bad jokes!Steve made a gag out me me photoshopping some hair onto him.

I said I was a photographer, not a magician.

But Clare saw a way she could help!

BrilliantHeaded back to the house…

…we headed down into the amazing wooded valley leading up to Bagden Hall…

…and did another round of snuggles & smooches.

“Say, which way is the beach?” I asked, as tickets for the gun show went on sale.

I love how the sun is bouncing off Clare’s jumper into Steve’s face.

I love to use white wedding dresses this way, as a giant reflector!

The woods were so beautiful, bursting with bright green, fresh Spring leaves…

…and a sea of bluebells.


I can’t wait to join these guys for their big day at the Bagden Hall!  They’ve some brilliant ideas in store to make the day fun (one of the group shots is gonna be MINT!) and they were so easy to shoot!

Bring it on!

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