Yesterday I joined the lovely Jo & cheeky Steve to photograph their wedding at Aston Hall, in Sheffield.

Aston Hall is such a brilliant place to photograph a wedding, especially when the sun was out all day long!

I hope you enjoy this story of a very special day!

I joined the girls having their hair & makeup done in Jo’s mum’s airy conservatory in Sandal.

Here’s the girl of the hour, bringing in the celebrations with a bottle of bubbles!

Little Tyler, was keeping clear of the chaos, potentially a little anxious about his duties bearing…

…these rings!

Jo’s dress was a thing of beauty, from the Ian Stewart Bride collection.

I’m no connoisseur of wedding couture, but simply love Ian Stewart’s gowns

Here are Jo’s wedding ‘flats’, sixpence affixed for luck!

I like this one of Jo having her hair finished

Jo’s beautiful flora was created by my good pal Lynne at Stem’s Design

The chaps were getting ready at Steve & Jo’s home in Netherton

When Clare arrived to pap the boys, Steve was quietly writing up his speech

The tails were hanging in wait

When the chaps arrived, the party started.

Groomsman Lee, a chef, volunteered to cook them a hearty English breakfast to set everyone up for the day.

I like this one of the goings on.

I always like this shots of the chaps helping each other into cufflinks and cravats 

Team groomOver at Jo’s I spotted this little note on the bed…

Jo had booked a surprise vintage split-screen campervan as transport for the chaps! Meanwhile, back with the girls Jo was being helped into her dress by her ladies in wait!

Mum was on button crochet duties

A radiant bride if ever I saw one!

Clearly her girls thought so too!

AwwwJo’s father sadly passed away some years ago, but he was definitely invited along to the wedding.

Jo’d had a button hole made for Dad and placed it with a lit candle in a lantern, that joined them throughout the day.

It was very moving, and they were going to place his button hole on his grave the following day. 

Team bride, in the sunshine!

Jo positively beamed.

More flora details

Mum, Amelia & Jo all ready to roll in the back of their matching navy Royale Windsor wedding car!

Mum looked brilliant too, also in Ian Stewart!

Over at the church, literally on the edge of Aston Hall, the guys arrived to check everything was ship shape.

It was a beautiful old church.Steve didn’t seem nervous at all

and neither did Jo, having a laugh with her girls on the way up to the church

I like this one Clare caught as the girls went in…

…while inside, I caught this one.

Possibly my favourite shot of the day.

Could a bride look any better than this?!

Down the aisleA little cheeky flower girl!

Sealed with a kiss…

and back down the aisle as man & wife!

As they left the church I followed the procession and was lucky to catch them have a little celebratory smooch

At the gates we (literally) squeezed in a quick shot of everyone…

…before bombing the happy couple with confetti!

I was pleased to put my new Canon 5DmkIII to the test, which can happily shoot 6 frames per second in moments like this!

While I’m stood on a chair above the action, Clare generally stands in the crowd to capture another angle on the blast!

I love that in this one Jo looks like she’s about to be battered by someone’s handbag!

While guests walked across to Aston Hall, Jo, Steve & I did a few quick portraits on the walk over, in front of the Royale…

…the camper

and on the red carpet at Aston Hall!

We then left them to mingle in the sunshine on the Aston Hall veranda (while the kids burnt off some energy!)

Jo had put loads of thought into placing fun details all around the grounds, including lots of hearts hanging from trees and bushes!

We then turned around a few family group and wedding party team shots!The girls!

The guys!

You’ll have to see their pre-wedding blog post I wrote here for why the chaps are competing for the lowest lean!

Afterwards, we did another quick round of laid back portraits around the front of the house.

A nice quiet moment.And another little snog

In the pre-wed we found a rusty fence that they both climbed up and sat on.

Steve was game, but I thought I’d let Jo stay standing!They’d taken a novel approach to their table plan – naming lavender plant pots containing individually named lolly sticks!

(This was one of Steve’s duties and apparently it was impressively time consuming!)The wedding breakfast room looked amazing too, full of fun details (the tables were named after retro sweets – fizzy cherries, rosy apples, jelly babies, jelly tots, etc – and every table setting had a mini jam jar full of their respective sweets!)

Speeches from the mother of the bride brought a tear to the eye, while Steve and ‘Kenny’ took a more shock and awe tactic!

Kenny and the boys had a bunch of excellently humiliating props created! 

It’s all about the reactions!

As evening set in, the cake was cut…

…and we ran our wedding photobooth!

Click on the image above to begin the flash slideshow – unfortunately this won’t show on apple iDevices ;-(

It’s always a cracking laugh seeing the happy couple and their buddies let loose a little on the ‘booth!

The first dance

The song choice was Steve’s secret surprise, and he chose the brilliant Al Green’s ‘Lets Stay Together’, refreshed into popularly in Pulp Fiction.  Their wedding band ‘Rhythmatic‘ did a brilliant job covering it live…

Then kept the floor dancing late into the night!

Before we bid our farewells, we had a little play with drawing a sparkler heart!

Then we left Jo & Steve to enjoy the party in peace!

Thank you so much guys for making us feel so welcome and part of the party!  We had such a brilliant day and you guys rule!

Here’s to a wonderful honeymoon in Singapore, Sydney and Fiji!

As the kids are saying: ‘totes jel’



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