A little while back I joined these beauties at Middleton Lodge, up in the rolling countryside around Richmond, near Scotch Corner!

The lovely couple are Rachael & Chris, and I’m soon to be snapping their big day at…… the charming Middleton Lodge in deepest North Yorkshire!

In recent years Middleton lodge has become one of the country’s most unique settings for a wedding.  One of the coolest things about it is they essentially each couples have exclusive usage over 2 nights and 3 days, and treat the home as their own country mansion for the duration of their stay!  

I’ve never shot here before, and after a brew & a natter in possibly THE biggest kitchen I’ve ever seen, we had a good nosey around this ancient boutique wedding venue.

Like Goldsborough Hall and a few others I’ve shot at, it’s one of those cool venues that’s actually a private country home during the week! 

Once upon a time these badboys’d have rung for the butlers & maids!

We even had a nose round the late bar, in the wine cellars, where the party heads in the wee hours after we’ve no doubt left!

So I decided to get Rachael & Chris limbering up, & getting used to how it feels to be papped by yours truly!

We also had a look around the bridal suite and the light in there was just magic, so we had a cheeky squeeze there too.

The hall was also bursting with great light!  Smooch please.It didn’t take them long to get into the groove.

In fact, they were possibly the most natural couple I’ve shot.

Generally I try to loosen folk up by talking a whole load of rubbish and trying to make the couple laugh and catch that in my images.

But these two had a quiet soulfulness to them that I really liked.

Either that, or they didn’t find me funny!

Before I’d set off the forecast said ‘HEAVY RAIN’ all day long, and I even offered them the chance to raincheck, but check out what we really got?!

[Brides take note!  UK weather forecasts are not to be trusted!]

Outside and already limber, we scouted round the venue looking for spots to use on their upcoming big day.

With 250 acres of private parkland to play in, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself!

That way I’m not having to find backgrounds as I go, and we’re all familiar with the good locations and light.

I believe outdoor ceremonies are sometimes done under this funky timber structure.

Here are a few more that I really liked…

Rarely do I get this kind of magical quiet connection between couples without setting it up.

They seemed to just take each other in.  It was really nice.


Burying ourselves in this willow was a good idea!A little tryptic sequence.

We also ventured into the woods, and I thought a little vintage processing might look nice.

It’s always been about the shoes.  Especially 60s knee-highs!

There was literally endless spots for us to shoot in front of, and I can’t wait to get them out and around in their finery.Magical lights.
The skies began to gloom a little, but still looked great with the rays beating down on our happy couple.A little sequence of vintage detailing

We wrapped up by the entrance gates, and I found a little spot of sunlight for Rachael & Chris to cuddle in.


Can’t wait to join these guys in a couple of weekends time!

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