I just realised I never posted images from the Roy Ayers gig I shot at The Wardrobe a few weeks back.

Occasionally, The Wardrobe ask me down to shoot gigs when they’ve special acts on

I was excited when they asked me down to snap Roy Ayers & Pete Rock!Gigs are downstairs and queues were out the door.
I believe it was totally sold out.

Roy Ayer’s is a total legend.  He’s not only an American funk, soul & jazz composer, but is possibly the most famous vibraphone player around.

This tour he played with the infamous DJ & rapper Pete Rock (who’s real name is the arguably less exciting Peter Philips!).

Leeds was the opening night of the tour & a good time was had by all.Roy had brought along some seasoned pros to groove along with himRoy seemed to be enjoying himself playing the triangle for the first couple of tracks!

Back in the 70’s he wrote classics like “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” & “Runnin’ Away” – both ace tunes.I wanted to get a shot of him pummelling his vibes.

Pete seemed to be enjoying himself too.  It was all very chilled.

If you ask me, you can’t have too much cowbell.A sea of iphones shooting poor quality smudgy snaps.I liked this one of Pete.

Apparently, he’s widely recognized as one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time

It was a wicked gig all round.

I do enjoy shooting live music; all the more so when it’s an old legend like Roy.

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