A few weeks back I met Sarah & Henry for their pre-wedding shoot in Nottinghamshire in advance of their wedding at the end of December

Their venue is the beautiful Norwood Park, at which I photographed one of my very first weddings!

It’s in the ‘Historic Minster Town’ of Southwell, which to anyone from there is pronounced “Suth-ell”After talking through logistics, groupshots & plans we got involved with the practice portrait shoot around the grounds.I was inspired for this one by an image from Sarah Beanie’s show with her an her partner stood outside their mansion.

I find the pre-wedding portrait shoot super useful to

a) get a couple used to being photographed before their big day

b) to  spot particular locations we can use again on the big day

and c) to satisfy my foot fetish & snap people’s feet!

[Not really, but for some reason I do always end up photographing peoples shoes, because they do say a lot about someone!]These two did in fact turn out to be great fun  in front of the camera

and wherever I put them, they looked relaxed and coolI do like how these two go together

In the courtyard around which their evening reception’s based, we did a few casual images against the old stable door.I do like this cropBack at the end of the lap around the house, we did a few final images under the autumnal trees.

Then the sun popped out for a moment to beautifully backlight our cuddly couple. I suddenly felt a piggy back was the order of the day, and like this sequence of them messing about.

I’m really looking forward to joining these guys in December!

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