A very Happy New Year to you all!  I hope your evenings were all they could be, and hope 2012 brings promise & fun for all of you!

On Friday, I joined Sarah & Henry to photograph their wedding at Norwood Park in Southwell, in Nottinghamshire.

Norwood Park’s such an ace place for wedding photography.  It was one of the early venues I shot in my wedding photography career, for my (now) good friends John & Helen.

Last time I was there it was a glorious summer’s day, and this time it was one of those winter days that just drizzled pretty much solidly all day long.  However, in spite of the temperatures and inclement weather, Sarah, Henry & their guests seemed to have a grand ol’ time!  Throughout the reception you could hear laughter in every room and we were made to feel right at home!

I hope you enjoy my story of their lovely day!

When I arrived at the girls, the chaps were running the Krypton Factor, attempting to fix a ribbon to their motor!

Inside, the girls were being pamperered and made-up, by Sarah’s good pal Shahnaz Yaqub

The flowers by Floral Deco were simply stunning, embracing the colours of Christmas and full of fun textures and shapes.

Our lovely bride Sarah received a special turquoise surprise from Henry, courtesy of Tiffany’s.

Sarah certainly was an appreciator of the finer things!

Snakeskin too!  I do think fun shoes, so often hidden beneath a bridal gown, say a lot about a lady!

And hanging in Sarah’s childhood bedroom was that delectable gown, designed by Ian Stewart

Also in her room was a cute 4 way picture from a wedding photo booth they’d been at.

At their evening do they’d booked the same photo booth for their guests to play in!

I like this one of the family cheersing the day inA sweet moment between sister in laws
Meanwhile, upstairs, dad works on his speech

This might be one of my favourite images I’ve shot in a long while!  I like the fun, storytelling element to it.

Excellent socks too.

Meanwhile, Clare joined Henry as he prepared for the day…

…while groomsmen ironed their things

Henry togged up
and the guys finalised their outfits

The rings!

I love this ace personality-filled shot Clare caught of the best man, Grayson

But here’s the man of the hour, Henry, and a tasty detail of his suit and flora!
Outside, the remaining groomsmen checked each other were shipshape

Henry & his best man Grayson share a laugh before hitting the pub for a sneaky pint

Back at Sarah’s the Bentley was purring quietly in the rain

while Sarah secured her garter, the dress was readied

and it fit beautifully

Mum certainly looked impressed from the sidelinesI like this little moment between father and daughterA little triptych bridesmaidal detailage!

I like this one of Sarah all gowned up and checking out the finished look.

It must always be a special moment

A quick snap of Sarah and her dad before they hit the road

And  at St Anthony’s Chapel of Ease in Calverton, the stage was set!Granddad arrivesAnd Sarah gets on her wayOne I shot over my shoulder on the way to the church of an excited bride and a proud fatherAn expectant gang of ushers waiting in the rain!A nice one of Clare’s of a glance between Sarah & dad just before heading down the aisle.I was waiting down the aisle for this one.

These moments of a bride catching eyes with her hubby-to-be for the first time are always special to behold.
The building looked aceA special moment for Dad Best man Grayson almost dropped the rings!Love this expressionThe official bit!

The semi-staged official bit!And back down the aisle as man and wife!Over we headed to the lovely Norwood Park, and we were greeted in the rain by a beautiful pheasant 

Inside the Christmas tree was set in the entrance hall

We had a moment to shoot a few portraits as guests arrived.It was raining out, but we had some nice spots to play with inside, such as under the tree.

A more secluded moment.
Afterwards, we did a few groupshots of the guys and the girlsThe wedding party teamshot!I love this one of these three jokers! They’ve been best mates for years and definitely brought the funI dived out as drizzly dusk set in……and caught a few snaps of the wedding breakfast before the guests arrived

I love how Christmas and their wedding designs fitted together so perfectlyThe speeches were hilarious.  Lots of laughs, and great stories all round

Grayson delivered a fantastic best mans speech, without a word pilfered from google, just funny tales of growing up with a best friend The cake cut!First dance!Set to Sade’s ‘No Ordinary Love’

Followed by some good, old fashioned partying!

Thank you Sarah & Henry for asking us along to your wonderful big day! It was such fun.  Have a fantastic honeymoon & New Year!



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