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May 10th was the wedding of the lovely Sarah & Jenna!  A classically grey English spring day, held in its entirety at the Woodlands hotel in Leeds.  There was lots of laughter all round, loads of thought put into the details and a seriously cool cake!

There were also shoes everywhere and I visualised this compilation as I shot the wedding party footwear.  I liked the hearts the girls stuck to the bottoms of their shoes & our little page boy looked the business in his mini-suit and cons…

© Barnaby Aldrick [Not to be reproduced without permission]

It’s always nice seeing a couple getting ready for their big day together and I enjoyed catching moments across the room during the morning’s preparatons:

© Barnaby Aldrick [Not to be reproduced without permission]

So much caught my attention during the day and it’s always a trauma trying to file that down to 20 pictures to post here, but here are a few of my favourite details, moments and portraits through the day…

[svgallery name=”WSarahJena”]

It was a gay union and I wanted to catch some special details that celebrated it as so, so see what you think of this little 4 way…

© Barnaby Aldrick [Not to be reproduced without permission]

It was such a beautiful day all round and we really felt part of the day.  I’d like to extend a special thanks to Sarah, Jenna & their ace families & friends for helping us feel so involved!

I wish you both all the happiness in the world! xx

nb: Sarah & Jenna’s top 150 images + pre-wedding shots are up in a client gallery of www.barnabyaldrick.com. If you were at the wedding and would like to see their photos, drop them an email for the password or email me with their surnames and I’ll let you know know the login.

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