Happy Star Wars Day! It’s ‘May the Fourth’ be with you!

Those of you who know me may know I dress my long suffering rescue pooch Kyra up as Star Wars characters every year.  When I got her, I was told her birthday was in early May, so decided that day might as well be May 4th & dressed her as Darth Vader to celebrate! We’ve now done 9 years of this, and this year, it’s a very special birthday – she’s hit double figures and hit a ripe old 10 years old!

As always, I’m not sure I’ve been able to top Darth Kyra, but this year, guess who’d like to wish you a happy Star Wars Day?

Star Wars Tusken Raider Dog Costume, Tusken Raider Dog Outfit, Star Wars Bantha Dog Costume

Silly pooch! She’s technically a Bantha (which were actually real elephants in fancy dress!), but the rider is a Tuskan Raider and that makes an easier ‘Kyra/dog’ pun!

In other happy news (we all need happy news at the moment!), my wife and I had my first child just over a week ago, so it seemed rude not to have him join in on the action!

So from the Manalorian, I give you…

Star Wars The Child Costume, Star Wars Baby Yoda Costume, Star Wars Costume

The ‘Baby Yoda’ character in the Disney+ series is actually officially named ‘The Child’

The only stuffed toy I bought for our little lad was a doll of that Baby Yoda, and by a brilliant coincidence, the outfit it wore fit our little 6lb 5oz boy ‘Lenny’!

Here’s one with his little eyes open…

Star Wars The Child Costume, Star Wars Baby Yoda Costume, Star Wars Costume, Star Wars

What a cutey hey?! We certainly think so.

(If you’d like to see the pics from our ‘Coronavirus birth story’ check them out by clicking the image below:

But back to Kyra – as it’s her birthday!

Below are all the past years Star Wars dog costumes we’ve done over the years…

Star Wars Dog Fancy Dress, Pet Star Wars Costume, Mace Windu star wars dog costume

‘Kyrace Windu’!

(Mace Windu was one of the lesser known Jedi, played by Samuel Jackson in Episode II)

Star Wars Rey Pet Costume, Star Wars Dog idea, Star Wars Ray dog costume, Star wars Rey pet outfit, Star Wars Ray Pet Costume

2 years ago we had a bash a “Kyrey”!

And she looks just as pleased about being dressed up in a toddlers fancy dress costume and hanging out in a local golf course bunker as you’d expect!

Star Wars Chewbacca Dog Pet Costume, Star Wars Dog Outfit, Star Wars Chewie costume, Star wars Chewbacca pet outfit

The year before I hacked up a Chewbacca Rucksack to make ‘Chewbarka’!

Star Wars Dog costume, Dog lightsaber costume, Star Wars Pet outfit, Kylo Ren Dog

The year previous she brought things up to date as The Force Awaken’s ‘Kyra Ren’, Han & Leia’s naughty son.

Han Solo Carbonite Star Wars Dog Costume,

The year before found her encased in a home made carbonite box as ‘Kyran Solo’

Another year she was ‘Princess Kyra’! Mainly ’cause she’s a little short to be a Storm Trooper.

One year she played an Ewok (aka ‘Kyrawok’) made out of an old charity shop skirt & a large teddy bear!

Jub jub

…The Ewok headgear also doubled up as a Jedi Knight’s robe, AKA Kyrobi Wan Kenobi…

These aren’t the treats I’m looking for.

… and the first – and arguably the best – outfit: Darth Kyra!  At last, the circle is complete.

And here are the classic out-takes, cause eventually, even food bribes don’t make up for the humiliation…

She wasn’t entirely convinced as an Ewok either!  But she sees plenty of treats for her shame.

I can’t see what her problem is really; I personally love a spot of dressing up…

Happy Star Wars day one and all!

Stay home, stay safe, and do your best to enjoy lockdown where you can,

Barnaby x

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