Hi there – I trust 2019 was good to you!

My thirteenth year in wedding photography has been another cracker, travelling up and down the UK joining lovely couples to tell the story of their special day!

I still primarily shoot at exciting wedding venues around Yorkshire – and it’s been great to revisit West Yorkshire faves such as the always gorgeous Priory Cottages near Wetherby, an exclusive wedding at Wood Hall near Wetherby, a wedding at Oulton Hall and Crow Hill in Marsden. Trips to North Yorkshire have included a classy wedding at Goldsborough Hall near Knaresborough, weddings in both the gastro-orientated venues in the village of Harome at the Pheasant Hotel and the Star Inn. I’ve visited the glorious Yorkshire Dales to shoot at The Priests House in Barden Tower and the Conniston Hotel, and have ventured into deepest East Yorkshire for a wedding at Carlton Towers.

I’ve risked nosebleeds to step out of Yorkshire to pap a stunning castle wedding at Peckforton Castle and headed Southport for a fab Anglo/Brazilian wedding at Meols Hall, and have visited fun new venues this year, including funky weddings at Lineham Farm, a wedding at The Walled Garden Marquee at Temple Newsham and at the Northern Monk Brewery in Leeds City Centre. I closed the year at a South Yorkshire venue that was new to me called Cutlers Hall in central Sheffield where the hoi polloi of the cutlery scene once had their mega banquets!

I seem to have shot a 4 weddings this year in beautiful Papakata & Will’s Marquee weddings on peoples farms and fields this year, which always have a smart but fun DIY flavour too.

My couples have bared their hearts and souls and it’s been an absolute pleasure wrapping up each wedding story with my signature blend of laid-back portraits, stunning details and timeless moments.

As with last year’s highlight’s post (which you can view here) I’ve structured this post (as I do the wedding blogs I write) in the order that the day unfolds. This isn’t an ego post to show off my most ‘artistic’ work to my peers, it’s an insight into the actual (and hopefully ‘timeless’) story I try to create at every wedding. It also therefore serves as a great way for me to show my photographic approach and what I look for and strive to capture at weddings. So, if you like what you see here and are looking for a photographer for your own wedding, don’t hesitate to make contact here to discuss your big day!

It’s always a challenge to trim down the highlights from this years epic stack into a manageable post, so without further ado – let me present to you in around 150 images the Barnaby Aldrick Wedding Photography 2019 Round Up, as both a video slideshow and blog of images…



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Amazing Yorkshire Wedding Photography

It’s an important part of my photography to ‘set the scene’ with dramatic establishing shots like these.

I’m super lucky to travel around Yorkshire and beyond to such wonderful places in my work, and I really feel it adds a sense of context to flow of the story

Amazing Yorkshire Wedding venues

This is just a taster of a few amazing places I’ve visited this year!

Peckforton Castle Wedding Photography, Peckforton Castle Wedding Photographer

I do enjoy getting a bit creative during morning preparations, like this one from Beth & Ben’s wedding at Peckforton Castle  

(tip: follow these links, like this one above, to see the full wedding blog post these images were from)

Relaxed Yorkshire Wedding photographer

For me, wedding photography is all about telling a story that is both artistic and relaxed, capturing the essence of the day, the characters and the special wedding details to help bring back all the memories once the day is done!

The chaps preparations are often shot by my bank of brilliant second shooters, who join the gents for their morning. They’re also usually a combination of relaxed storytelling moments and details, and there’s often plenty banter and laughs to be caught, like at Katie & Adam’s wedding at Priory Cottages.

It’s also a good time to do a few casual buddy group shots, like the walking shot from Hannah & Jonny’s wedding at Priory Cottages below.

I’m always a fan of a bit of tweed at a wedding, and James & Daniels wedding at Cutlers Hall and Eleanor & Alan’s wedding at The Star Inn, both had greet tweedy details!

The details to me (like this lovely dress, shoes and flora in the collage above) are just as important to me as the cheeky, personal moments caught during the morning (below)

I loved the amusing message on this cushion I spied on the windowsill at Sophie & John’s wedding at their home in the Yorkshire Dales! 

“I used to be snow white, but I drifted”

I’m often party to a few inappropriate comments too, in the inner sanctum of the bridal chambers, like this cheeky snap reaction from Laura & Mitchell’s wedding at Priory Cottages

Once the bride is ready I like to grab a quick window portrait if I can, like this one from the beautiful Emily & Dan’s wedding at Priory Cottages

Priory Cottages Yorkshire Wedding Star inn Harome Wedding

Seeing parental reactions to seeing their daughters all dressed up for their wedding is often a really emotional moment! I’d be lying if I said I’ve not shed a little tear during these moments!

I struggled to limit myself here, so here are my fave ‘unleash the dads’ moments… which is your fave?

Wood Hall Wetherby Wedding Photo Goldsborough Hall Wedding Photo Meols Hall Southport Wedding Photography

The arrival of the bride is always a special moment too, like at Leticia & Damon’s wedding at Meols Hall when the bride and her Brazilian parents had a touching moment before escorting her down the aisle.

Peckforton Castle Wedding Photo

Another reason to have a second shooter, is to have someone at the back during the ceremony to capture both the groom looking back as well as my angle on the bride, as shown in this shot from Claire & Mike’s wedding

Documentary Wedding Photography

This is one of my fave second shooter shots – by Andy Matterson, of an exhausted dad trying to placate & entrain his child (above), at almost exactly the same time the rings were being exchanged (below) at Steph & Tristan’s wedding in Upper Denby

Cutlers Hall wedding, Carlton Towers wedding, Peckforton Castle Wedding

Beth & Andy’s Garden Marquee wedding had bags of character, and shown by their reaction walking down the aisle! 

Priory Cottages Confetti photo

I always try to make something special of the confetti at a wedding, be it a confetti shower over the balcony like Lizzie & Rich’s wedding at Priory Cottages, or one of my signature ‘confetti bomb’ pics after the service. 

Meols Hall bubble Confetti photo

I’ve seen it all this year, including being bag-piped through a hail of confetti at Emily & Rab’s farm wedding

Wood Hall horse and carriage photo

Steph + Tristan’s ‘summer’ reception arrival was hit by a spell of unpleasant inclement, and their little red Citroen 2CV almost couldn’t make it across the field! Fortunately the sun eventually came out and we were treated to rainbows!

Oulton Hall documentary wedding photo

I do enjoy capturing the ‘mingles’ as guests and family react in congratulations, such as this father/daughter moment from Sharon & Gary’s wedding at Oulton Hall

Lineham Farm documentary wedding photo Peckforton Castle Wedding Photo

All sorts is going off during the afternoon drinks reception, including an impromptu dance off to the busker Beth & Ben booked for their Peckforton Castle wedding (above) or the crazy golf at Lizzie & Rich’s wedding (below). 

Priory Cottages reception photo


We’re there to capture everything, warts & all!

Priory Cottages bouquet toss photo

I’ve always liked the idea of a bouquet toss done with a bit of groomsman-assisted rugby line-out style lifting! This year I finally achieved the photo!

Wood Hall Bride groom horse and carriage wedding photo

Once a bit of mingling has taken place, confetti has been thrown and canapes and fizz consumed, I try to take the wedding couple off for a few relaxed portraits, often starting at the wedding transport – like this shot with the gorgeous horses at Kat + Marcus’ Wood Hall Wedding – then heading somewhere a bit more private, for a little wedding day tenderness.

Holbeck Leeds wedding portrait

I loved this ancient wall in Holbeck, complete with giant iron kisses, in an industrial part of Leeds near Jess & Tom’s Northern Monk Wedding.

For couples who find the idea of a portrait shoot like a trip to the dentist for root canal surgery – Like Jess & Tom – I usually suggest to have a pre-wedding practice shoot to loosen up in-front of the camera ahead of the wedding day

Priory Cottages yorkshire bride and groom portrait

Some peeps are just naturally fun & chilled and can get on with enjoying being with their better-half-in-law!

Best Wedding portraits 2019

But let’s be honest, most people find the idea of having their portraits taken a bit squirmy, so I try and keep them quick and light – and most couples even end up finding them a fun part of the day!

Wood Hall wetherby bride and groom kissing portrait

Camilla & Wills wedding at their family home in Wainstalls (below) was in such a beautiful Yorkshire valley that we just had to get a portrait with a bit of dry stone wall action in there.

Relaxed bride and groom portraits Fun bride and groom portraits

A moment before this frame, I’d asked Rab + Emily to scooch down for a pic with their wee dog Tilly. I can confirm after a full frontal of the family jewellery, that Rab is a true Scott!

You live and learn!

Priory Cottages Group photo around the pond

Unlike a lot of photographers, who hate group photos, I’ve made it a part of my style to make these photos imaginative, fun and most of all quick!

It’s all about just trying to find a space (and ideally some furniture!) to gather round, then smash through the list without letting anyone get too bored! 

Smart wedding party group photosFun bridesmaids and groomsmen group photosBeautiful Bride and bridesmaid photo

After getting the smart safety shot, I often play the ‘3 freestyle poses’ game and can end up with all kinds of photo magic!

Amazing bridesmaids and groomsmen group photos Amazing wedding cake, signs and marquee dressing

Arguably the best wedding sign I’ve seen all year!

Bride and groom entry at Priory Cottages yorkshire Wills Marquee Wedding moment

Speeches are a great opportunity to again capture lovely moments and reactions when the attention is on the speakers!

Emotional Wedding Speech photo Golden Hour portraits at Priory Cottages in Yorkshire

Getting outside after the meal for a bit of golden hour light portraits is always lovely, and gives the couple a chance to have some quiet time to reflect on their day so far!

Amazing evening portraits

Then once the light drops, if the couple are still up for it, I like to set up the flash and smash out a few creative evening portraits!

Stunning evening flash wedding portraiture Dad wedding karaoke at Wood Hall

Before the first dance, Kat’s Philippino dad insisted on doing a spot of impromtu karaoke! Yet another first for me this year…

First Dance at The Pheasant in Harome

A bold first dance move from Claire & Matt’s wedding at The Pheasant!

Once pashmina’s & ties come off, it’s always entertaining capturing the mayhem!  

Incredible evening rain flash portrait

When a wedding gives you evening drizzle, make use of it! That’s what I say.

Evening Sparkler Photo at Priory Cottages

And that just about rounds things up, with my fave sparkler shot of the year! Well done making it all the way to the end!

I hope if I’ve shot your wedding this year you found a pic of you in here! If you’ve enjoyed the service, do remember to pass on my details to any near and dear who’ve got engaged!


In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas & a roaring start to the 20’s!

Big love,

Barnaby x

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