Yesterday I joined Louise & Paul for their fantastic big day at the Lovely Stubton Hall in Lincolnshire!  It’s a new venue to me and is a serious cracker!

My main man John Hope stepped in for 2nd shooty duties and together we created this slideshow of pics while guests enjoyed their wedding meal.

I hope you enjoy this story of a very special day!

Stubton Hall is a 19th century country house set in the endless flat farming countryside of Lincolnshire, just a short drive from the market town of Newark.

It’s not long been running weddings, but having been bought and fully restored by Claire & Kent Brainerd it’s a treat inside and out!

Louise & Team Bride had just got back from the hair dressers and were getting giddy about the day ahead!

John joined Paul & the chaps at the ace Hare & Hounds pub in Fulbeck, literally a stones throw from the church

Mmmmm, Scotch!

Team Groom … Assemble!

The old family church was all set and dressed for the occasion!

The stunning bridal suite wasn’t half an awesome place to photograph Louise getting into her dress!

Paul chose well on the surprise wedding day gifts!

How ace is this staircase!?

As it happens there’s a huge painting on the stairs who’s had to have her modesty covered!

On the way to the church, in a brilliant old Roller we had to dodge pheasants!

Louise’s family have a long heritage in the village.  Her grandfather was a fondly remembered & long-standing rector of Fulbeck church they married in, her dad grew up & got married there, and the family are majorly into Bell Ringing, so while the bells tolled, John nipped up to catch them all at it!

And back down the aisle as man + wife!

This image is a bit of a private joke!  On one of Louise’s parents wedding photos, they’ve stood in front of this beautiful grate (instead of on it to hide it), so Louise asked if we could do the same!

Still, it’s a grate photo.

Arf arf.

I love to engineer an awesome confetti shot!

Then it was back to sunny Stubton for a turn around the lake!

These kids were my star pupils at their pre-wedding practice shoot a few months back at Stubton Hall (check it out here).  As it was going to be the first time I’d photographed there, we’d met up, had a coffee & catch up, then took a spin round the grounds and did a round of practice pics.  They enjoyed them so much, they made their own ace book from the pre-wed pics!

It makes such a massive difference to have done a practice shoot before the big day, and in spite of the gusty chilly wind, the shoot was a breeze!

This was one of John’s ace portraits, shot along side mine during the portraits.

I don’t usually shoot with direct sun on my subjects, but this little spot was a bit good to miss.

It was much warmer inside around the fire…

…so instead of dragging everyone outside, we decided to do the family group shots in the white room.

I thought it’d be rude not to use this wicked staircase for a few wedding party teamshots

And they’d planned ahead bringing Mr & Mrs letters!

The wedding breakfast room looked stunning.  Apparently, Louise had grown all these cute little blue flowers herself!

After dinner a little fun was had outside with some cigars!

Don’t ask me what’s going on here.

As the evening party set in…

…we set off outside to grab a few pics of the dusky grounds, and we decided it’d be fun to do a few newlywed night flash portraits to wrap up the day…

Louise & Paul were such great sports on the photography front (Louise you’re a soldier!) and it was an absolute pleasure joining in celebrating their big day!

Here’s hoping they have a fab honeymoon in Cambodia and a wonderful married life together!

x Barns & John x

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