Last December, a past wedding client called Rob, who married the beautiful Vicky at their wedding at Priory Cottages in Syningthwaite (blog highlights here) commissioned me to come and photograph his company ‘Portfolio Display’ workforce and premises.

Afterwards, we headed up the the valley to do a few shots looking down over the valley to show the context of where the company offices are within the valley.

Rob knew I was into a spot of Urban Exploration (AKA: Urbex), and just up the road from Elland is an abandoned Old Brickworks that he thought we might fancy a little explore around.

Disclaimer: These aren’t the company offices of Rob’s business!

I always get a buzz exploring places like this

They’ve been left to the ravages to time and show the awesome power of weatherRob showed me aroundThere’s some pretty cool graffiti insideAnd old liftPortraits generally look cool in an environment like this, heightened by Rob’s smart attire!

A makeshift ladder had been made by someone, but we chose not to try it!

Amazing place eh?

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