Last Friday I met Vicky & Rob for their pre-wedding hook-up!

We met at Priory Cottages, a relatively new wedding venue out towards Wetherby (in the impressively hard to spell Syningthwaite!)
It’s literally one of my favourite venues I’ve been lucky enough to shoot at.  The cottages are beautifully finished (ideal for preparation photography!), the converted Barn is fresh, funky and modern, the staff there are fantastic and always make us feel welcome, and most importantly, there are millions of fantastic little spots a stones throw away for portraits!

So after we’d had a little catch up and gone through Vicky and Rob’s logistics, we dived into the photoshoot!

This was their very first effort at striking a pose.

That is a good start right there!We found a chair to sit on and snuggle up, while they warmed up to the idea of being papped!

I love this bench down in front of the old Priory building.Though one of my favourite spots is in front of the old Priory ruins itself!

I love this doorway

I quite like this little crop of their shoes while they were having a smooch.

A little cheeky Triptich of them having a bit of fun.

The sun was coming and going all the way through, and on the way down I was pleased to see the Rapeseed fields in bloom!

So in we wandered (to the credit of those in high heels!)

Getting into the spirit of it, Rob decided we should work some ironic middle-distance, slung-jacket catalogue action!

I really like this one, with the blurry foreground elements.

These pre-wedding shoot’s are as much for me as them, as I use them to familiarise myself with venues I’ve not yet shot at, but also like to see how much work it takes to get a couple to relax and have a laugh in front of my glass!  

It didn’t take me long to tell that we’re gonna have an easy ride on the wedding day with these two!

I decided to have a bit of a change and we decided to have a little lie down in the grass

I don’t think I’ve ever tried this angle before and rather like it.I like the focus on Vicky’s engagement ring in this one

…and this tender moment, in black and white.

They fancied a shot in front of this knarly, bare tree, so I asked them to have a big movie smooch!Round the back of the farmhouse at The Priory, there’s this cool brick wall painted red, and I love to use it as a big background

It also looks cool in sepia!

One of the things they loved about the Priory was that it’s still a working farm, with ace farm vehicles and its own fields full of crops.

It gives the whole place a less hotel style vibe to the proceedings 

This is probably my fave picture of the day!

Before we wrapped we found this hay bale cart and jumped on  


Enjoy the shoot!?


Can’t wait to join these guys in June!

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