Yesterday I joined these lovely guys, Katie & Neil, to photograph their wedding in Beverley!

Their unique wedding involved the wonderful PapaKåta nordic teepees, set up in the lovely Broadgate Farm cottages in Beverley!

I hope you enjoy this story of a very special day!

I joined the girls getting ready in one of Broadgate Farm’s 5 beautifully finished self-catering cottages.

We’d met there back in March for their practice shoot (check out their images here!)

Katie, an avid photographer, was on the case (hopefully not a contingency in case I messed up!).

It’s always nice shooting weddings for people who really appreciate the photographic element of the day.  It almost always leads to a better stash.A shot I like of a bridesmaid unleashing the bubbles in the kitchenAnd another I liked of Katie & her bridesmaid sharing a laugh in the kitchen as they inspected their freshly delivered flora.

Flowers by Sally May in Market Weighton, supplied the soft, whimsical bouquets and flora

I found plenty of spots to photograph the details in the lounge

Including a cracker of the dress and Katie’s fun message under her shoes!

Katie told me her dress maker had asked about her shoes and suggested Katie buy any white shoes and they’d cover them in the same lace as her dress.

Cool eh?  Bespoke kicks!

The almost grecian bridesmaid’s dresses were hanging upstairs, ready to play.

Neil had written Kate a lovely letter, accompanied by a thoughtful giftMeanwhile, over at the Green Dragon in Walton…

Neil was reading the card Katie sent him!Neil’s brother had some trauma flying in from Cuba and finding his long stay car was bust, so Clare spent the majority of the morning hanging out with Neil and the best man.
I love this one of neil fixing his ace tie.I loved the creamy, rough silk tie
Then it was to the pub to hookup with the other groomsmen for a few scoops.I love this causal one of Neil.

It’s always worth checking the bezzy man has the rings!

I love this one of Neil having a reflective moment, perhaps contemplating the more than ‘changeable’ weather we’d been dealt!

Back with Katie I caught this one of her having her hair done.

I’m getting a bit of a Gwyneth Paltrow vibe in this image!

For the shutterbugs: As my 35mm f1.4 prime was at the menders, I brought along my rarely-used 85mm 1.8mm & rather like this image on it.Kate gave some lovely earings to her girls as a wedding gift.

The bridesmaids were a great laugh to be around, and kept the mood light.

I got my fair share of stick off them over the day dragging them in & out of the cold!

I love framing a scene like this in a doorway…

… while Kate was laced into her beautiful Sophia Tolly frock.
The finished look!These stairs rule for an image like this!A moment with the girls 

…before hitting the road!A cute one of dad, hiding round the corner waiting to escort his little girl to the church!

Their wedding transport was actually a beautiful bay window VW camper van called Penny!

Not an official wedding car, it just belongs to a dude called Paul.  Katie & Neil had seen it on the street and left a note under a wiper to see if he fancied chauffeuring them about on their wedding day!

(Paul said she was called Penny cos he’s had to pour a few into her!)A relaxed shot of Katie & Dad over my shoulder as I rode in the front.

The church was the beautiful St. Helen’s in Welton Love this one I caught of Katie arriving with her bridesmaids before I ran down to hide at the front!Here comes the bride!  One of Clare’s at the backAlthough I was cramped in a bit, I could still get some cool details over the choir.The kiss!And back down the aisle as man & wife.


Under a light shower we headed for a quick shot of everyone at the gates…

and a quick shower of confetti!Back at Broadgate Farm most guests dived into the teepee style tents pioneered by the Sami people of Lapland and huddled around the smokeless fires!But we persevered in the cold for a few quick portraits.The farm has some great spots for pics, and we’d scouted a bunch at their pre wed shoot.

(Though they had set the portacabin bogs in front of an ace wood-clad shed!)Through the magic of post production and some stella acting from a chilly bride, it almost looks sunny!After a quick warm up we rounded up family members for a quick groupshotLater we had a bit of fun with the wedding party!

I love how everyone’s doing something different in this one.
Team Bride!Team groom!One of the bridesmaids wanted an over the shoulder shot, and I rather like it!I love how Katie & Neil avoided the usual hotel package upsales, by booking out all the holiday cottages, setting up Tipis & bringing in their own catering and doing things their own way.

Not all guests made their way inside the Tipis out of the cold!I absolutely love Papakata’s alternative marquees!  They make a every wedding celebration so unique and it’s so social seeing people gather round the fires.Inside the play was full of fun details, including a fun table plan washing line!

Tables had fun teacups and Easter-themed, personalised eggs for the kids!Dad’s speech!In fact all the speeches were great, especially the best man…

…who told it from the heart and struck that hard-to-find balance of wit, love and humiliation!As the sun began to set over the dayOur happy couple cut the cakeAnd we dived outside for another quick round of portraits in the most beautiful, golden light imaginable!

I’m so proud of Katie, who inspite of being freezing, persevered in the drizzle and cold and we’ve got such a cracking set of images for them to remember their magical day.

Guests mingled round the fires…

…and marshmallows were toasted (or at least burnt, in many cases!)

Then Katie & Neil got down to their first dance, ‘Bubbly’ by  Colby Caitlit, a song they grew to love in New Zealand on their extensive travels.

Love their expressions on this one.

I’d recommended their wedding band, another Leeds-based supplier, Rhythmatic, who are just SO good!  I can’t recommend these six incredibly diverse, former College of music students enough.

They constantly meet the highest standards and keep the floor bumping all night long with their amazing covers of songs everyone can enjoy (and snog to!)

As the stars came out to play, we left Katie, Neil and the gang to enjoy the partying!

And what an amazing wedding it was too!  A game couple, fun details everywhere and a fantastic nordic style venue!

Good times.

I hope Katie & Neil enjoy their mini moon in the Lakes, and their honeymoon (maxi moon?) in Thailand in November!

B x

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