Yesterday I joined the lovely Vicky & Rob to photograph their big day at Priory Cottages in Syningthwaite, near Wetherby.

I genuinely love shooting weddings here.  The wedding reception (& civil services, if done here too) take place in the converted barn, which is surrounded by holiday cottages & 12 century Priory building, all in the grounds of a working farm.  I’ve photographed there a good few times now and it’s the perfect setting for a contemporary, relaxed wedding.

It’s all the nicer that the families of the wedding couple can stay there in the week running up to the wedding to settle in & organise the big day at their leisure.  Vicky & Rob’s gang stayed there most of last week and it rained every day, which threw up a few concerns for big day weather!

The forecast was a bit of a roller coaster:

It turned out Vicky & Rob were super lucky with the weather!  It was pretty much always clear or sunny when they needed it, and when it did rain, it didn’t matter!

Either way, all their guests seemed to have a fantastic time and the day was a blast for us to photograph.

While everyone enjoyed their wedding breakfast we backed up pictures and made a quick slideshow to show at the evening reception. Even though they’re only quickly ‘processed’ and aren’t up to the scratch of the final images, after the wedding I like to set the slideshow to their first dance track and turn it into a video to blog, so the couple and their pals can see the images literally a few days after the wedding.

I joined an excited Vicky, her mum & Bridesmaid in Priory cottages’ Fitz Simon Lodge…

…and with this beautiful gown ready to go, she had good reason to be a giddy little kipper.Rob had sent over a little sparkly gift for Vicky…AwwOne pair of awesome wedding kicks

Vicky sprinkled magic secret lady dust in her hair to apparently make it stand up.

Having been behind the scenes hundred of times, it’s all black magic to me!

The delicate orchid bouquets by Steffie at the The Flower Shop in Lindley were simply lovely.

[ The job she did on the wedding breakfast later was fabulous! ]

A relaxed portrait of one blushing hair & make-upped bride!

Vicky & Rob had unfortunately been through various recent losses, including among others, the passing of a dear grandmother.  Vicky & her mum shared duties wearing her engagement ring to show her around the special day.

Vicky’s parents thought she’d had a hand in the good weather too.

Enjoying a cheeky bacon butty supplied by their catering team Taste Cuisine!

[ I’ve worked with Taste loads of times before and Kerry, the little star, even hunted me down to give me a butty! ♥ ]

A moment of Vicky looking at her wedding dress.Meanwhile, Rob & the guys were getting ready down the way at the Day’s Inn by Wetherby Racecourse.

Here’s the man of the hour!

While Vicky had one bridesmaid, Rob had 6 ushers!
A snap of the wedding bling!Dutch courage!
Cheers!The picturesque St Peter’s Church in WaltonA chance to do a few quick portraits, of the groom looking dashing…

…and the boys looking snappy.Back with Vicky, Mum helped her into her dress

With a little assistance from the Priory’s lovely wedding co-ordinator Serena!One bride good to go!

Love this one of Dad seeing his daughter dressed up for her wedding!

Without a sea of bridesmaids & hair and make-up artists, the morning with the girls was actually a really relaxed affair.

Everyone was ready early and we had a bit of time for a few family & bridal portraits before heading on.

Dad did well at looking proud!

Then the time came to depart…

Another quick catch of the beautiful, drapey orchid bouquet.

[ By the way, ‘drapey’ is a new word ]Rob’s uncle Ian was on chauffeuring duties with his smart Range RoverDad & his little girl!
On the way up the aisle, which has apparently been like an ice rink over the past week!

This wouldn’t have been a good place to stack it.The church was packed (some guests ended up standing!) and at the front was a slightly nervous groom!
I love these shots when a bride and groom catch eyes down the aisle.AwwThe vicar of St. Peter’s not only did a brilliant, amusing and natural delivery of the service (and apparently it was only his 2nd ever service!), but couldn’t have been more accommodating to us!

[ If you read this, we meant to come find you to thank you for being a legend!  Thank you so much ]
The kiss!Signing the registersAfter the registers were signed, Rob’s dad Geoff sang a beautiful operatic song to the new couple!Down the aisle as man & wife!

and out into the SUNSHINE!  Happy days!

After some well wishing…

…we arranged a confetti bombing down at the gates!

[ Hence the people up above – they’re not just really tall! ]I really like this one after the confetti, with Vicky laughing and Rob looking at the cameraBack at the Priory, the sun was out…

…for afternoon Pimms!

A quick shot of everyone!

MinglingThey’d invited along a pianist & singer called Olly Jacob to entertaining afternoon guests.  It’s hard to see above, but the gang in front of Olly were actually clapping & dancing!  Vicky & Rob had enjoyed hearing Olly tinkle ivories at Blackhouse Grill in Leeds and asked him if he’d fancy playing.  He’s actually doing really well as a musician in his own right and is playing on Jools Holland soon!

Another shot I like of guests mingling.

It drizzled a few times, and with the upstairs space above the bar, there was plenty of room for guests inside.

While the sun was out I ducked off with the happy couple for a quick round of portraits around the Priory

We started with a few on the bench

I discovered these guys were naturals in front of the camera at their pre-wedding shoot a month or two back – and not only that, but even in heels, Vicky was game to stomp around in rapeseed fields!

[ Check out the blog post here ]

I rather liked this detail shot, showing Rob’s ace metal flower holder, rings & watches, the flowers & necklace Rob bought for Vicky.

They make a cracking pair.

Beautiful people, inside and out.

Aww.While the weather was clear, we whistled through a few family groups……including two sets of proud parents…

…and a rabble of groomsmen!The groom and his men, and the bride and her maid!
Like this oneI rarely get to see the tossing of the bouquet, as it traditionally happens late in the evening, but Vicky’s bridesmaid was getting sick of carrying around (!), so Vicky decided to toss it!

It ended up with Vicky’s brother’s girlfriend!

Rob’s family business is in printing, and they created some ace displays for the wedding, including this music themed table plan!

The wedding breakfast looked stunning, again full of soft flowers & orchids but with gnarly twigs and candles.The tables were named after bands, but done in a top trumps style!  The top table was Kings of Leon, but Queen would win on almost everything!

The cup cake tower also had musical signatures on it

Lineups are generally not that exciting to photograph, so I made it my challenge to get some interesting line-up shots!

I like this one of Rob

Again, it’s generally tough to get a good shot of a couple being announced in, but I’m pleased with this one.
Speeches were great fun all round, and no word of a lie – at one stage I was laughing so much I couldn’t hold the camera still.Cutting the cake!First dance – to Paolo Nuttini’s ‘Last Request’Love this one, catching the smoke on the dance floor!

After the band’s first set, Dad had told me he and a pal were going to sing a set dressed as the blues brothers!

You can see why there was a music theme throughout!

We left the gang to enjoy the celebrations on the dance floor!

Thank you Vicky & Rob for a cracking day all round!  Thank you and your lovely friends and family for making us feel such a special part of your big day (when Dad thanked us during his speech I didn’t know where to put myself)!

Here’s to a cracking honeymoon in Bali!

x Barns & Clare x

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