Last weekend I was with Emma & Matthew (above, and not in that order) for their East Riddlesden Hall wedding photography!

It’s a stunning 17th-century Grade I listed manor house in Keighley, West Yorkshire, now owned by the National Trust, built in 1642 by a wealthy Halifax clothier, James Murgatroyd.

Now not only are the two of them absolute legends, but they’re both creative types with a real appreciation for photography. They really understood what I was after & after a pre-wed a few weeks back, were totally natural & essentially behaved as though I wasn’t there.

I liked the feel of this one of Emma getting made up.

…and Clare caught this semi-nervous portrait of Matt having his corsage put on my his mum.

I liked this catch of Matt’s sister giving Emma a cheeky grope while she got laced in.

You can’t complain when you’ve got locations and weather like this eh?!  If I remember rightly, East Riddlesden Hall was the venue for my 3rd ever wedding shoot. I’ve been moving house this weekend (in the heat of wedding season was an interesting call…) and while I was filling boxes I caught a glimpse of a sample album I made back afterwards.  It’s interesting comparing how I did it then to now.

I’m liking this two-way showing their pre-wed (blog post here) & big day.

And I’ll leave you for now on this detail I love from their portrait shoot.  It wasn’t staged, and speaks volumes; our young lovers, newly bound with wedding rings, all that thought put into a beautiful dress & co-ordinated cravat / flora; a diamond necklace present sent over earlier that morning and two fun glasses of raspberry fix in the kind of sunshine you can only hope for.

Though my bro would say “you cut their head off”.

If you’re reading this from afar, I do hope these you enjoy your Honeymoon, bouncing around Hong Kong, Bali & Singapore!

Remember to stop into Raffles for a Sling & monkey nuts…

[A full post will be put up when I’ve processed all their wedding images]

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