Yesterday I joined Sarah & Paul to photograph their wedding at the lovely Waterton Park Hotel near Wakefield.

As I’d never photographed at Waterton Park before, I joined Sarah & Paul for a pre-wedding nosey there on the most perfectly sunny day ever (check the pics here).  However, yesterday’s forecast predicted some kind of crazy biblical hurricane, sweeping across anxious brides UK-wide.  When we arrived, it was overcast, so like many of the wedding party, we kept our fingers crossed that it wouldn’t turn for the worst.

I hope you enjoy my story of their lovely day!

Waterton Park Hotel is split into two buildings, the newer swish Waterton park hotel (where the girls got ready & the ceremony was held) and across an old iron bridge, the old Walton Hall, a massive mansion built on its very own island in a lake teeming with massive fish (where the guys got ready & the reception was held).

As they were soon to bevcome Mr & Mrs Smith, Sarah’s brother did a bit of sneaky photoshopping to make this!

A few details of the dresses & Sarah’s shoes.

I like this one of the little flower girl Evie distracted by a balloon while bridesmaid Tracey helped her into her pretty outfit.

Pauls surprise present to Sarah on the day was a fancy Gucci watch.  Often bride’s ‘suggest’ (read: ‘tell’) their partners to get them something to go with their outfit, but Paul bought this for Sarah completely by surprise, and she was well chuffed.

Sarah & Paul have a lovely 2 year-old little boy called Max, who sent them this lovely card.

Meanwhile, across the bridge, the boys were up to no good!  I know Iain (groomsman on the right) really well, as not only did I shoot his & Rachael’s wedding, but have become good pals since.  Paul was a best man at his wedding, and that’s how I landed this gig!

Clare followed the gents preps, and although they were all having a great laugh, there were a few nerves on Paul’s part.

In case any member of the wedding party forgot their role, they’d hidden clues on their cuffs & socks.

Unusually for me these days, I got to shoot the rings, as they stayed with the bride until the last minute…

… not that these cheeky scamps couldn’t be trusted or anything.

I think I’d’ve done the same.

I love this one of Paul laughing, larking about with Iain & best man Ray.

Here’s little Max crossing the bridge with Daddy & Ray, to greet guests ahead of the wedding ceremony…

…while upstairs Sarah was helped into her beautiful gown.

I love the soft pinks & creams in their flora & colour scheming. 

Sarah’s pops is famously laid-back, and it came as a surprise to Sarah to see him well up when he first saw her all dressed up for her wedding.

It nearly undid all the work the makeup artist put in!

Down the Waterton Park staircase…

to the kiss!

Afterwards, we did a quick shot of everyone

before bombing them with confetti!

And boy was there plenty of confetti!

Love it.

The afternoon reception was held across the bridge out in front of Walton HallThe perfect place for the girls to skip about on the grass……play kissy with the boys…

…while the grownup’s had a drink and got bamboozled by a magician.

I love magic!

After a round of groupshots we did a few more informal shots of the wedding gang.

Something a bit more informal still, I pulled in a couple of benches and placed the party around them.

But when I asked everyone to talk to who was next to them……we realised Iain had no-one to gass with!  I love his expression.

Afterwards, we literally had 10mins to do a few couple shots before dinner (hiding under trees out of the drizzle!)

This was probably my fave.  They’re a beautiful couple.

The wedding breakfast room looked ace, with some cool flora floating in vases & fishbowls.

And the table names were named after football teams.  Who says grooms don’t get involved in planning their big days?!The understated but classic cake looked pretty too, with some special mini peeps (I believe) made by a wedding guest.

This was probably my fave pic of their little boy Max.

I reckon I’d look that happy for my lunch if I got a cupcake & a plate of cola bottles.

Speeches were lovely too, with more than a few tears squeezed by speakers & guests alike.

Though in the bottom left image of best man Ray’s speech, Paul’s not crying, more hiding his head in shame as Ray tells of Paul once keeping a picture of his attractive sister in his wallet to show off to his mates what a fit girlfriend he had!

This was news to both his new wife and his sister!


After the meal, the sun came out and it looked like a different day altogether!

So I grabbed the bride & groom for another quick round of pics in the sun.

This is probably my fave of the day!

A real classic.

For the shutterbugs, it’s shot on the 35mm at f1.4.  I love how it throws the background out of focus on semi wide-angle shots.

The weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor BBQ!

I like this moment at the end of the first dance.

During the evening we ran the ol’ BAWP photobooth for their guests to mess about on.

They’d rounded up a box of fun props too for guests to play with

Here are the lovely Iain & Rachael, still as full of fun as they were on their wedding day.  I actually joined them to photograph a new addition to their family earlier this year, little Eddie (post here).  It was so good to catch up with them again!

After a spot more messing on the booth, we bid our farewells and hit the road…

Not before taking a sweet closer of the island lit up under a dusky blue sky.

So massive congratulations to Sarah & Paul for throwing such a fun wedding bash (& thanks to mother nature for being kind with the weather!).  I hope Sarah & Paul have a wicked honeymoon on the Cape Verde Islands in South Africa!

x B&C

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