Yesterday I joined Wendy & Daniel to photograph their beautiful outdoor wedding!

Check out the forecast for their Friday wedding!  Lucky much?!

It turned out to be a beautiful day all round at the boutiquey Saddleworth Hotel, near Oldham.  I’d taken a nosey round the venue with them in the drizzle a few weeks back to make sure I was familiar with the location, and posted a blog about it here.

I hope you enjoy my story of their lovely day!

I joined the girls for sunny preperations in Holmfirth, in the picturesque Holme Valley, setting for the BBC’s long-running comedy Last of the Summer Wine.  

Fortunately when I was looking for mum’s house, there was a clue hanging in the window mum’s house!

Here’s the lovely bride, Wendy, being made up by her bridesmaid and buddy Amy.

Amy did the make up for Martin & Michelle’s wedding and is such a gifted perfectionist at what she does.

A few of Wendy’s mum’s wedding photos were out on the fridge.

My dad wore vintage glasses like these at his wedding too!

The  neighbourhood cat, Duncan, spent quite a lot of the morning trying to steal the limelight!

I love this dress shot.

From a technical point of view, I like the depth & door framing, but also the balancing of natural light with flash, hidden in the room.

It wasn’t long before all the bridesmaids arrived and the house was abuzz with girls, and mum trying to force feed them all!

I love the light on this one.  Again, part natural light, part flash = tasty!

I showed this one to Wendy and she couldn’t believe it was her!  She looks great eh?!  Good work Amy.

The beautiful flora


Here are the girls working the black magic that is makeup.  I think it’s magic, but for ever will it remain a mystery to me!

After essentially making everyone up, Amy found a moment to do herself!

Meanwhile,over at Saddleworth Hotel…

…clare joined the guys for their preparationsI love this natural relaxed one of Daniel & his best man Gavin.

(Gavin had been best man at Martin & Michelle’s wedding)

Another lovely moment of Danny trying to figure out his cravat.  The dude that invented these should have a stern talking to, and they clearly don’t do up the way you’d expect.

But the finished result looked fab!  The button-hole ties in perfectly

I like this cheeky shot the the diamond studded rings!

The chaps helping fix one another up.

Good to go!

The ceremony was actually outdoors!  This gazebo (I suspect it has a better name than that) had been sanctioned by law for marriages!

Back with the girls, things were coming together.

The blushing bride!

I love this one of mum & chief bridesmaid looking in on their daughter and pal, all ready to get married!  It’s a special moment.

Just before diving into the wedding car I caught this natural snap of the gang.

As well as a few details of the girls holding their flowers.

I arrived just as gusts were beginning to sit down.  It’s such a lovely location.

This might be one of my favourite shots of the day; a bit of friendly reassurance as the bridal party begin down the aisle.

The first time they lay eyes on each other is also a beautiful moment.

Lovely eh?!

A little detail of the exchange of rings.

(At a pre-wed recently a bride said her mother had voiced concern about a shot like this saying I cut their heads off!)

The kiss!I actually prefer to squeeze a few shots off from afar as the signing happens, than stage a pretend to sign the blank book shot.

Everyone saying “SUNSHINE!”

Afterwards everyone mingled in the bright and airy hall for the afternoon reception

While in the ballroom beneath, the wedding breakfast looked amazing, draped in crystal balls!

You can just make out a glass walkway between the two, that freaked clare out no end!

The cake, with shamrocks to represent Wendy’s irish roots!While I was snapping informal shots of guests, this little cutey popped up!

Gavin wanted a shot of his pals & their partners, and this stone bench was perfect for the job.

One of those couples was actually Martin & Michelle, and it was so good to catch up with them & have a good natter.

I always like to make the groupshots a bit more interesting than peeps in a line.

Here’s the chaps (who were possibly the most helpful ushers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!)

Wendy & the girls!

After the groups we took a quick turn round the woods behind Saddleworth Hotel.

The light was gorgeous, and our happy couple looked happy indeed.

The owner of the hotel, Anthony, kindly volunteers out his (£400K!) Rolller (& services as chauffeur) for couples booking the hotel.

So we drove from Wendy’s Mum’s to the venue (at warp speed I might add, to make it in time!) and did a quick snap of them by it at the end of the shoot.

We’d heard Gav do a speech before and knew it’d be a goodie, and the speeches all round were great.

The sunlight in the evening, suddenly got magical before dipping beneath the horizon, so I got W&D out for another quick blast of sun.

Wendy’s mum also had some seriously good pals travel all the way over from Aus, so we got a quick snap of the girls.

First dance looked great!

Then the 2nd dance was a good Irish jig, and everyone got involved!

A little later, as we were considering heading home, the dancefloor was taken over by the stags in Morphsuits!

And a moment later, a whole bunch of Wendy’s turned up!

Fun times all round!

What an ace day.  Massive congrats to Wendy & Daniel.  Thanks for asking us along and making us feel so welcome!

We hope you have a fab honeymoon! x B&C

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