Yesterday I joined Jenny & Lee to photograph their wedding at Hollins Hall.

It’s the first time I’ve shot there and it’s a cracking spot for a wedding.

The forecast was a bit ominous as we set out, and hardly a drop interfered with Jenny & Lee’s big day, and they we’re lucky enough to enjoy sunshine and 20°C most of the day!

I hope you enjoy this story of a very special day!

I joined Jenny & Team Bride in the morning at her folks place in ThackerleyWho’s this I wonder?

It’s Jenny – the lovely bride!I liked this little shot through the back of a chair, of Jen having her makeup doneHow many bridesmaids does it take to open the champagne?!

[ Insert punchline here ]Upstairs in Jenny’s old bedroom I found Jenny’s gown & the lovely ultramarine bridesmaids dresses.

The shoes!

The beautiful flora

Meanwhile, over at Lee’s parents place…

Lee & his best man fixed their matching ties…

If anyone was in any doubt of their names or roles, they could check their cufflinks!

Here’s the man of the hour!Quick check from the best man that he had the rings before heading out…

for a cheeky pint at the Dog & Gun in Apperley Bridge


Back at Bridal HQ the chaps were fitting ribbons to the wedding car

And the lovely little flower girls arrived!Distraction aids, *ehem* – I mean presents – were given out!

Our bridesmaids slipped into their wonderful dresses & musked up

Flower girls – ready to party!

Then it was time for Jenny to do the same!


Father & son helped each other with their cravats 

Introducing the blushing bride

Team bride, in the SUNSHINE! Whoop.A quick detail of the flowers with their matching dresses!This is always a nice moment; when the chaos of loads of people getting ready in one place suddenly becomes 2 people & silence.

I like it when Dad takes a moment to take in his daughter, all grown up and about to get married.

If there are a few loose minutes, it’s nice to a few relaxed bridal portraitsThen when the car returns, it’s time to hit the road!The ceremony was at the United Reformed Church in Idle

A lovely bright space inside, with a nervous groom waiting at the front!

Our flower girls scattered colour coded confetti ahead of the bridal party

I like this one of Jenny catching Lee’s eye for the first time on their big day.

Vows & rings..

and the kiss!

The vicar was really lovely, not only because she let us un-intrusively take our photos from the front & back, but she also delivered a great service.

Down the aisle as man & wife!

And out into a hurricane of confetti!

The newlyweds!

As everyone was together, it was a good opportunity to do a quick shot of everyone, before heading off for the afternoon reception

Jenny & Lee hosted their reception at Hollins Hall in Baildon, near Shipley

It was so sunny we ended up hiding in the shade!  Can’t complain, eh?

Last time we visited, for their pre-wedding shoot, the weather was pretty miserable!  We still got a nice selection of pictures, and it’s always a good opportunity to show a coupe how it feels to be photographed, as well as a chance for me to familiarise myself with venues I’ve not shot at before.   Check out the blog of pre-wed highlights here.

We did a quick lap of the locations we likedA few individual portraits

Had a bit of a smooch

And even took a turn on the swing!

Then I let them get back to enjoying their celebrations

Part of the little flower girls fun pack was a disposable camera, which they took to like ducks to water!

It’s generally quite interesting to see things photographed from a child’s point of view.  Mainly because we don’t see things from that angle.  This is one reason why taking a photo kneeling down and looking up looks more interesting than just the usual from eye level view.

Top tip kids!

The goings on at the receptionWhile guests mingled on the balcony

We did a few family groups and wedding party shots on the lawn.

Then I ducked upstairs to photography the wedding breakfast setup before the party crashed it!

As a football fan, Lee had requested that tables were named after Bradford City football legends.  An in joke for fellow fans was the ‘Jason Gavin’ table, because he was apparently crap!

The cake looked ace.  Again, Lee had a hand in this one, designing it in Illustrator & sending it to the Cake maker, who made it perfectly! 

Announcing Mr & Mrs Norton!

The speeches were before the meal (both we & the speakers generally prefer it this way!), and were arguably the shortest speeches we’ve ever done!

Lee said some lovely things to Jen

Then as dusk set in…

…the gang moved downstairs to the evening reception room.Jenny’s crew’s!

And as it happens, an old pal of mine called Hugh was at the reception with his girlfriend.

It was ace to catch up with him & admire his ever wonderful facial hair.

Then we dived into cutting the cake…

…and the first dance!To a bit of Aerosmith

Then we left the gang to get down on the dancefloor & party the night away…

Good times all round eh?

Thank you Jenny & Lee for asking us along to document your fun- & sun-filled wedding!  Here’s to a very happy life together and to a fab honeymoon in Mauritius!

[ Jealous much!? ]

x Barnaby & Clare x

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