Last weekend I headed deep into the heart of the North Yorkshire countryside to catch up with upcoming wedders Sophie & Craig!

I was particularly excited to be joining them, not only because they’re an ace couple, but also because they were hosting their reception at the excellently boutiquey Crab & Lobster restaurant & Crab Manor Hotel near Thirsk!This place is simply magic – no two ways – it’s an aquatically themed treasure trove of natural kook & boutique charm.

Simply EVERYWHERE you look are fun details and random touches, such as the clawfoot bathtup planters!The place is literally overflowing with crazy nautical details

Ace eh?

(Thought if I’m allowed to nitpick – I prefer these ship speedo’s when they rock a ‘Dead Slow’ speed)Any place with a victorian wheelchair hanging from the ceiling containing a smoking skeleton is good with me.That goes also for bear umbrella holders too, spotted around one of the many bizarrely-themed lodgings

While the wedding breakfast is hosted down the way at the Crab & Lobster, the wedding preps and ceremony take place in the Crab Manor

Exploring the Manor, you find no less eccentricity on every surface!

When guests check in they’re given a Crab Manor passport & a glass, which can be filled with free beer, if guests can find the secret beer tap!


Oh yeah, upstairs is also an 8ft Yeti, in a frilly hat

Which, if you ask me, is the perfect place to start the practice photo shoot


I’ve actually met these two a bit since they booked me, because it turns out Craig’s an excellent local musician.

So I asked him along to my acoustic band night, the Sunday Service Leeds – check out Craig Bevan’s excellent music here.

It was great to hear he’s still doing well with the music, and in spite of the busyness of organising a wedding, they’re both being flown out to The States soon to do a tour around Texas!  Nice.

I can’t help myself taking shoe shots of musicians.  I think a musician’s footwear speak volumes.

Anyhoos – Back to the shoot!  It was great to take a turn around the grounds to familiarise myself with a new venue ahead of a wedding day.

It’s also great when a couple bring a sense of fun…

…and moustaches on sticks!

We’re gonna be running our photobooth at their wedding, which is the perfect place for props on sticks; )

Between the Manor & Restaurant are loads of equally fascinating gardens to play in.

Arches are good!

Love this laid-back portrait of the two fo them.

Smooch time!The gardens are literally hugeLots of places to play

Including, as it started to spit, a giant weeping willow to cuddle and shelter underneath!I thought this spot outside one of the thatched hotel buidlings looked a lot like an American farm.Aww – I simply can’t wait to join these lovely guys for their big day in under a month!

Especially as when we bid our farewells they gave me a little gift – a bottle of surname-branded Bevan’s Bitter!


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