On Friday I joined Becky & Ashley to photograph their wedding at Wentbridge House, near Pontefract in Yorkshire.

Although it was a bit of an overcast Spring day, this luxury 4* hotel was a fantastic place to host a wedding.  Becky, Ash & their near & dear had a fantastic time all round.

I hope you enjoy my story of their lovely day!

The girls got ready at Becky & Ash’s place in Morley and there was plenty going on to enjoy!

Here’s our lovely bride having her makeup done by her pal Jamie, from the NARS concession in Harvey Nics.The gown & shoes!

Literally, all you need to be a bride!

(Apart from a fiancé and a fully planned-wedding)
Dad popped the bubbles
Bridesmaid’s kit!

The only minor morning crisis was that they could only find 7 of the 8 shoes, so mum dashed out to source another pair!

Here she is back from a successful adventure to the White Rose!I liked this spot of their large stack of congratulatory cards!

The floral purples & creams were supplied by David W Hunt
Meanwhile, Clare joined Ash and the gang over at his mum’s 10 minutes away, in Tingley The boys adding the final touches

Ash was given his A&B (Ash and Becky!) cufflinks as a gift at his usher Tom’s wedding.Team groom!

The ringsBack at the girls, it was all systems go!The adorable flower girl was a little star!Everyone helped Becky into her beautiful gown.Stunning.A few final touches and we were done!

Beautiful.I rather like this one as she left the house.A little Jack Russell brought it’s owner out to wish them well!

A shoot and hope over my shoulder turned out nice in the car on the way to the ceremony!Over at Wentbridge…

The chaps did what chaps do, and had a few scoops to oil the wheels.

Waiting at the front took a little longer than Ash had anticipated, as SatNav took the bridesmaids to Pontefract Race Course!

But they were rescued and without much ado, here comes the bride!

Aww.  I like these moments.

Best man jokeI pronounce you man & wife! Our newlyweds did a convincing job of signing the pretend register!Down the aisle A quick groupshot of everyoneAnd a few family shots on the lawn The wedding party taking a strollThen we got onto the portrait shoot!

Love this one.  Probably my fave of the day.In front of the old bricks of Wentbridge House.And a little moment on the stairs.Back in for a bit of a mingle, while the girls check out the rocks!
The wedding breakfast & cake looked ace.Speeches were great too.In spite of the best man being a liability!

Loving the look of shock on Becky’s face!

Genius.Dusk set in……and (arguably the worlds shortest!) first dance was danced!

In an adjacent room, we ran our photobooth with a stack of amusing props supplied by Becky & Ash.

Use the slideshow above to check out my faves!

We left them to it as the party really got started!

Thank you Becky & Ash for asking us along to your cracking wedding!  We hope you have an amazing time on your honeymoon in Thailand!

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