Last weekend I joined Rebecca & Ashley for their pre-wedding meeting and practice photoshoot at Wentbridge House Hotel near Pontefract

Wentbridge, surprisingly contains a bridge and spans the river Went!  It’s a wonderfully picturesque Yorkshire village, that used to be on the A1.

I’ve photographed there a few times before, so after chatting over a coffee about their upcoming wedding plans, I thought we’d take this opportunity to explore the grounds a bit further – instead of revisiting the usual spots…

Literally round the back, past the bins and beyond the sceptic tank, we found this funky peeling brick outhouse and gnarly trees.

Here’s one of them getting used to the feeling of being photographed!

I really like to put every couple through the experience of being photographed before the actual wedding day.

It gets them used to being intimate in front of me without shying up!

And it gives me a chance to see what makes them smile.

(Generally it’s me talking rubbish!)

It’s also about me showing them that I can capture natural portraits like this…

…and this.I like this set together in front of the main Wentbridge House entrance.

There’s a cool fence at the other end of the grounds too that compositionally lends itself for a cool portrait.

I think it took them a bit of getting into the process, but one the weirdness passed, we were cool!

As always, it’s good to get this out the way before the big day.

I’m really looking forward to joining these two here in April!

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