I joined these fine folks, Kevin & Dawn, for their wedding yesterday

Kevin said that his ushers and he were suited and booted, tailed and top hatted, and I loved that he called that the ‘full mashings’

Here’s Dawns Dad’s hat at their house where I shot Dawn’s preps.

Dawn admittedly found being photographed quite difficult, and the pre-wed didn’t help calm her anxieties in the way it does most; but I snuck about like a ninja & got some lovely pics of her preparations.

Her pal Gina didn’t have the same issues! She was very happy to be wearing the Gina shoes again that she’d bought for her wedding.

Apparently they cost more than her dress did!

Dawn’s parents home was a stunning place to shoot, with light everywhere.  I liked this little arch to hang the dress.

I hung an off camera flashgun off a curtain rail down the corridor to splash a bit of light on the dress.

Check these awesome kicks!  Liking the laces.

Tasty flora!  Her bouquet had mint & rosemary in it.  Nice touch.

Kevin got ready & they hosted their reception at the lovely Wood Hall, near Wetherby.  I’ve never shot here before and was excited after our pre-wed nosey.

Fortunately the sun was out when we needed it.

I liked the fact that instead of ushers and bridesmaids, they had a best man, a chief bridesmaid & lots of page boys & flower girls.

Dawn being laced in.

Dawn loves riding horses and had a beautiful horse & carriage to run them about.  Mum told me off for keeping calling it a horse and cart!

Dad’s first look!

Amazing eh?  The horses were amazing, with their feathers and braided manes.

A little detail of dawns bouquet

Here’s Kevin at the packed church waiting with his brother & best man Ian.

Dawns arrival & the ace mini-ushers, who’d been giving out the orders of service

A little church story sequence


This was a shot I’d visualised and hoped to catch on the day.  Wood Hall has a long drive with a view of the hall in the distance.

Clare waited for them to pass & then had to chase them down.  Fortunately the flowers van was behind & offered her a lift!

Givin it regal in front of the hall.

If you’ve got top hats you’ve got to throw em. I think it’s the law.

These chaps looked mint.

I don’t often do this shot, but Dawn’d requested it, and it came out rather fun.

Especially considering I set it up, took a shot and got a ‘full card’ message, so had to leave her there while I changed cards!  Fail.

This one’s my fave portrait of the day.  A real moment between newlyweds.

I quite like to try a cheeky panning shot while the new Mr & Mrs enter the room.

Good lord!  Check out this cake!  It might be the best cake I’ve ever seen.

Thank you to both Dawn & Kevin for asking us along to join them on their wonderful wedding day.  After seeing the slideshow Dawn came up & apologised for being a awkward bride to photograph; but said she was overwhelmed with the pictures from the slideshow.  I understand that being photographed & in the spotlight all day long isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it was great that she persevered with it, and now has these memories of her day.

I’ll get their images to them soon, and we’ll host a client area for guests to enjoy, but in the meantime I hope they enjoy their Mauritan honeymoon!

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