Yesterday we joined Jenni & Michael to photograph their most excellent wedding at Gomersall Park Hotel near Leeds.

When I peered through the blinds before I left it was chuckin it down.  I checked the BBC weather website and it said ‘sunny intervals’.  Driving to drop Clare where Mike was getting ready it was still chucking it down.  But when I pulled up at the GPH, the sky cleared and it stayed like the above for the rest of the day!

Happy days.

Here’s Jen, at the window in her ‘Bride’ dressing gown, armed with a bouquet and funky net headwear.

I’ve always wanted to snap a bride with one of those net mini-veils.

She had more up her sleeve than that though…

A lady in red!

In all the weddings I’ve ever shot, I’ve never had a bride in a red dress, so it was a pleasant surprise for me to find she had one.

Michael didn’t know too, and I was excited to see his expression when she came down the aisle.

The red & white detailing ran throughout.

On the groom & his ushers too.

They also had a pimp stretch Bentley to roll in.

I love this one of Jen just after she was laced in.

Mike waiting, more than a little nervously…


One the girls & adorable flowergirls

The dudes

The newlyweds, at f1.6

This is why I wanted a net headbit!  I’ve always liked these pics.

A moment, between a new Mr & Mrs.

Jen & Michael’d decided they’d like a peaceful wedding breakfast, so rather cunningly sent kids on their way before the meal with some giant teddies!

The flora & table fun was all done by a good pal of mine & all round lovely lady, Catherine Hubbard of Pink Daisy Creations.

[Contact me if you’d like her digits]

They had their likeness & their dogs marzipanned onto their cake!

I’m feeling this father of the bride moment

And this genuine declaration of total love.  Moments later Jen burst into tears.


Spot the 2nd shooter, not even looking where she’s shooting.  I don’t know.

While they ate I caught this quick still life macro of their lovely studded bands

We’d like to say a massive cheers to both Jenni & Michael for asking us along to join them on their wonderful wedding day.

I’ll get their images to them soon, and we’ll host a client area to see their finished images, but in the meantime I hope they enjoy their Jamaican honeymoon!

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