I’ve done so many pre-wedding meetings recently I’m almost struggling to get them blogged before their weddings!

A few weeks back I joined Wendy & Daniel for their pre-wedding meeting ahead of their wedding this Friday.  We met at the beautifully boutiquey ‘Saddleworth House‘ Hotel in the stunning Castleshaw Valley near Oldham.

When I’ve not shot at a venue before, I suggest we do the pre-wedding meetings there to familiarise myself with the location before the big day.  They end up being a great opportunity to nosey round exciting new venues, scouting for spots to use on the day!

The first thing that caught my eye on the day was the wicked pegasus statue outside made of horseshoes!  Genius.

In spite of the drizzly rain, we had a good explore round the grounds.  Having over 10 acres of landscaped gardens and woodland to explore, we weren’t short on locations either!

That Roller above belongs to the slightly eccentric hotel owner, and he loves to collect the bride on the day and drive her to the wedding!

Cool eh?

And here are our lovely couple, Daniel & Wendy!

We did a few relaxed snaps inside to try and loosen up and let the drizzle pass.

I love this one of them.

Like the wedding I shot last weekend, they’re actually hoping to have the ceremony outdoors!

No doubt fingers are very much crossed for Friday!

It’ll be a great spot for a ceremony!

But we didn’t let drizzle spoil play, and had a good explore around the ground to get them used to being papped!

I like this one.

Behind the hotel we took a bit of a turn into the woods…

They’ll make an amazing spot to do some pictures on the day!

Bit of a cheeky dip under the pines!

I think they found the process kinda weird, and I couldn’t help but feel that it was because they were disappointed with the weather.

But either way, they both said that the process really helped them get used to what I was looking for, and I know it makes the whole experience on the day far more enjoyable.

Look at these two!  Awww.  They’re ace.

I can’t wait to join them on Friday!

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