Food Photography

© Barnaby Aldrick

I did this food shot for a Chef Special feature for the Leeds Guide Magazine while I was shooting their features recently.  It reminded me what a challenge it is to make food look appetising.  This shot was taken in a catering unit in Leeds just by the door to the carpark to let a little daylight in.  A reflector gave it dazzle and the depth of field it’s appeal.  I never fake or paint anything when I shoot food, and it’salways a challenge, especially if it’s going cold, but it keeps me on my toes!

Em - This looks delish.
Where is it from?

Barnaby Aldrick - That was from Moorish, a wee Algerian restaurant nestled on the side of hyde park. I thought the same, so gave them a few images in exchange for a meal and it was WELL nice. What they lacked in service they more than made up for in culinary genius

David - I love the use of depth of field in this picture, and the colours are great – very Mediterranean!

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